PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Tips and Tricks for Great Movement Skills


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Tips and Tricks for Great Movement Skills

Ivica Milaric Jun 14, 2018

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG is a huge planetary phenomenon and you couldn’t throw a rock (or a frying pan) without hitting someone who is not playing it. For many, the level of hype and sheer interest that the game has generated is practically unparalleled. Sure, there have been many PvP multiplayer games that have generated a whole lot of interest in a really short time, like it is the case with Clash Royale. Here as well, one of the reasons for its global popularity is the fact that it comes with a mobile device version.

But, unlike Clash Royale or other mobile-first games, PUBG is really a one-of-a-kind game. Technically, the game left beta on Steam just recently but long before that, almost three million players actively enjoyed it. There’s more - a staggering 28 million downloads were made on Steam with the start of January 2018. Countless Steam gift card offers were used for the purpose of getting this game. Millions continued to play it after many months of royale battles they went through. All the while, its popularity kept on going up and up. Saying that PUBG on Steam is a hit release is like saying that StarCraft was somewhat of an influential game.

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Yet, besides the hard to define reason for the success of an FPS/Survival game, where the players fight each other in an ever-shrinking zone on a huge map, there are many technical reasons for its incredible success. Firstly PUBG is still flawlessly working its servers and allowing millions of players to log in and enjoy the game together, with little to no technical issues. The game’s two maps are both detailed and incredibly huge, so playing weeks on end is possible for millions, even though this might seem really modest in terms of map diversity.

Yet, players often find themselves in a situation where they are completely furious at the game and its punishing mechanics. Anyone who plays PUBG will easily recognize the anger and hopelessness that comes from a long series of lost games. Not rarely, players who feel they cannot be further away from that sweet chicken dinner might immerse themselves in a detailed overview of weapons, supplies, styles of combat and so forth. Often, this is helpful as much as standing around in the shrinking PUBG zone, waiting to be killed. Of course, many of those facts can really become useful in the game’s different stages and they are relevant to any player’s approach to getting through the game. But, there is a segment of the PUBG gameplay that is more important than any of that and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds guide articles overlook it all of the time.


The key to chicken dinner is to be patient and move in the right way.

This element might not be as dynamic as supply looting and it is definitely not as fun as combat. But, with its mastery, everyone will stand a lot better chance of getting to that number one place. The element in question is the movement process of the players in the game and the ways it can be utilized to improve anyone’s game. Here are the key facts about the process of moving around in PUBG and how a few small tweaks can make anyone a force to be reckoned with in this awesome game.

Looking Around While Moving

This is incredibly important and at the same time, the wide majority of players never use this option - while running or walking, especially over open terrain, the players should always look around. This means that they should keep their bearing and heading, but rotate the camera around their avatar to see if anyone is pursuing them or firing at them. Otherwise, especially when it comes to sniper opponents, the player might be running over a meadow and catch a burst of gunfire before they even know someone is on their tail. This is so important that the players have to learn to do it all of the time, regardless of what part of the game they might be in. At the start of the game, those who do not look around themselves might end up being killed by a lucky shot. Later on, and especially during the end-game sequence, they will surely fall prey to savvy enemies who know when to attack an opponent from behind. This is why the camera always needs to be scanning the environment around an avatar when he or she is in movement.


Running forwards, looking backwards is the best way of moving.

Jump Location Choice and Flying There

Jumping out of the plane is the only flying part of the game but also crucial for the start of the match and the player’s chances at survival. The first rule should always be to jump somewhere in the middle of the map and they fly away or glide away at a right angle to it to either side. Why should the players do that? The answer is - to steer clear of as many players as possible in the early game. At these moments, the player who locates a solid weapon and some armor becomes a killing machine almost immediately. Most others will have either handguns or shotguns, both of which are useless against a calm player with something like an AK47.

In that case, the opponent simply needs to keep his or her distance and place a couple of well-aimed shots to kill anyone. Thanks to this, it is in the player’s interest to start their early-game looting as far from the opponents as possible. Once they are stacked up with a proper assault rifle or at least MGM, as well as armor and healing items, they can set about to start their battle royale hunt. With this in mind, it is clear that a proper jump and subsequent flying movement is a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds guide element that should be always kept in mind.

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Moving with the Zone, Not After It

The zone is the biggest killer in PUBG and there is no second way around it - quite literally - in the game. Players caught in it will slowly lose health until they die and no amount of armor or health supplies will change this. But, and this is crucial - the zone has its predefined space and predefined activation time for each stage. A player has to mind the zone and move with it, trying to follow its rhythm as if dancing in two-step with it as a partner. This means that a player should start their movement sequence before the zone moves so that they can navigate comfortably and not fear the blue killing wall each second of the zone shrinkage. This interaction between the players and the zone, when done well, can be a really exquisite dance of planning and execution.


Literally no way around the blue killing machine.

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With these PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds tips and tricks for moving, players will see their game slowly improving. Then, after a few weeks of practice and honing of skills, anyone will be more than capable of getting that elusive chicken dinner!


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