MapleStory 2 Global Release


MapleStory 2 Global Release

U4Gold Oct 06, 2018

MapleStory 2, known in Korea as Meipeul Seutori 2, was first released in Korea in July 2015. Get your PCs ready – MapleStory 2 will have its global release on October 10th. For those who’ve waited years for this, your wait is over as they have a “headstart” version available for those who couldn’t stand to wait until the official release date!

Some of you might be familiar with the MapleStory M, as it’s the game that’s carried the MapleStory franchise outside of Asia. The Korean game publisher, Nexon, has released two closed beta versions over the year, and released the Chinese version in 2017.

If you’re new to the game, here are some details to keep you informed.

MapleStory 2

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The game is played in a colorful 3D world known as Maple World, with the dark forces as the enemy. Along the way, gamers will encounter large boss monsters. By teaming up with other in-game players, Maplers will be able to join forces to prevent environmental destruction.

This in-game world and its development is part of the fun. Similar to Minecraft, gamers will be able to create their environment by building block-like structures. When facing the bosses, it’s important to try to prevent them from causing too much destruction, otherwise your construction labor will be for naught.

MapleStory 2

Build your own structures a design your own interior.

New Content

One of the key in-game features that will help to build camaraderie and competition is the existence of in-game side competitions. Games within the game, such as races can be held. These in-game competitions will try to stave off what might be become mundane story-line activities.

Another added feature, is the ability to build and design your own home – furnishings too. Similar to Minecraft, you’ll be able build and design the exterior and interior of your structures, piece by piece.

To follow-up with this personalized feature, MapleStory 2 has gone on to allow Maplers to design their own costumes and edit character features. If you want to run around as a pink-striped-skirt-wearing-blue-haired-brown-skinned-bug-eyed character with scars, have at it!

The game definitely is built around providing more in-game personalized content to increase the stickiness of it all.

MapleStory 2

Design your own characters and customize your attire.

For those who’ve been waiting years for this, your wait is over. Enjoy MapleStory 2!

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