Lost Ark a Magical MMO


Lost Ark a Magical MMO

U4Gold Mar 04, 2019

Lost Ark is somewhat of an enigma in the video games industry. Although not currently out for release in the western world, overseas players located on the Asian continent have been granted exclusive first-dibs on this early access release. The fantasy, action MMO is gaining plenty of traction in the marketplace and fans across the globe are already speculating on its arrival to the western hemisphere.

As it stands, this free-to-play game is in the open beta test phase. Despite this, there is already plenty of buzz in the air. So then, what exactly is it that's causing all this mass hysteria? Well, read on for a comprehensive breakdown of Lost Ark in all its glory.

Visually, the game utilizes an isometric point of view. Here, players experience the graphical excellence via 3-dimensional effects. As a result, gamers can enjoy a more expansive world. That would otherwise go under the radar within the traditional top-down MMO. What's more, this revolving panoramic style brings life to in-game events, adding a cinematic quality to each scene.

The panoramic style adds a cinematic feel.

If the camera angle enhances the experience, then the graphics inevitably blow the mind. I mean, the scrupulous attention to detail here is a sight for sore eyes. All around, landscaped vistas litter the lands shimmering with polish and drenched in vivid color. It is a real treat for the senses. As for the character models and artistic style in general. Well, fans of anime will get along famously with the themes. Likewise, the oversized weapons and zany character models do a great job of lightening the mood. Better still, they instil a touch of fun to proceedings.

Despite Lost Ark's flexible character creation system and a shed load of cool cosmetics, there is a downside to the class system. Unfortunately, a gender-lock inhibits choice. Meaning, players cannot choose to be a girl or boy based on pre-set character distinctions. It's a limiting factor that does pre-determine events to some degree. That said, the gamut of classes to choose from more than makes up for this minor caveat. I mean, the range of options open to the player is extensive. With a total of twelve types to pick from, it's a more than generous offering, especially if you factor in the free-to-play status of the game.

Gender locks inhibit choice but class choices make up for it.

Regarding the game-play, Lost Ark resembles the Diablo series of games in many aspects. Mainly, with regards to the lack of a targeting system and the free-roam style of combat. Inevitably, this leads to some intense and chaotic, high-stakes moments. Not least, when you have up to fifty players on screen at once tackling a world boss. As you can imagine, it's a cramped battle arena with carnage at every turn.

Perhaps the most stand-out feature of Lost Ark is the varied class types that assist you in the field of battle. For instance, Bards deal healing properties and prop up shields during lengthy cooldowns. Additionally, Mages conjure up deadly curses and magic spells. And summoners order down wicked elemental attacks. These range from ariel assaults such as rings of ice from above. To the more exotic types like deadly worms that sprout up from the soil and rip into the opponent.

Lost Ark is an enchanting, high-fantasy MMO that shines out from the crowd. Mostly, this is due to its dynamic battle-based action. Furthermore, the awe-inspiring visuals and a depth of choice with regards to the class system make this game a must play for genre veterans. That said, the gender-lock will be an issue for some while the art direction may split opinion, no matter how polished it may be.

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