FIFA19: Release Date, Trailer and New Features


FIFA19: Release Date, Trailer and New Features

Ricardo Gandalf Jun 19, 2018

After the EA Sports conference in E3 not a while ago, we now can say a few things for certain about the next FIFA video game. First things first though. Its official release is scheduled for September 28th, as it has been usual when it comes to FIFA releases.

We will go further into what’s worth mentioning about this new title soon, but we thought you’d like to get a look at their official trailer that went online right after the end of the E3 conference this year.

So, What’s Going on with FIFA19 This Year?

It seems this time EA has taken under consideration adding Nintendo Switch as a playable platform (which is a nice step up after the poorly produced FIFA18 of last year). So that’s really great news for those of us that enjoy moving around with our Switch and still play the same games we are used to enjoy in PS4, XBox or PC. We don’t know much yet about the FIFA Mobile version, but seeing the huge success this year’s version had, we in U4Gold are pretty convinced is at the very least keep the same level of quality.

Okay let’s get started! We know for a fact now that FIFA19 will keep using the Frostbite engine that gave such a nice result last year and that means three things: There will not be a huge change when it comes to graphics, and that can be counter measured with the developers having focused even more than usual into the Gameplay and controls. Last one could be as ambitious as giving even more real movements, the weather changes.

We’ve seen in PES that weather affects the playing conditions, making the experience way more realistic and frustrating at the same time (like real football!), and one of the main reasons is fair to think FIFA19 will have the same feature are two; simplest one is the competition did it so is about time they do it as well, and also the already mentioned Frostbite engine, proved perfect for creating different weather situations and reactions!


A big bunch of new features related to the gameplay have been announced.

Last but not least, a big bunch of new features related to the gameplay have been announced, such as Second Player Markers (another PES creation), change of Running Patterns, a bit of Mini-Map Magic (One team's players will now have triangular icons--as opposed to the standard circular ones--on the mini-map for quicker and easier identification between your teammates and opponents), Tactical Depth, the Active Touch, and a bunch of new Tactics Modes so you can make your team play exactly as you want to.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned with us for more Reviews and Comments in future games, and as always don’t hesitate to give us your thoughts on the comments section about what you expect and hope you’ll see in FIFA19! See you in the field!


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