You Need to Pay to Enjoy the Most Out of FIFA Mobile


You Need to Pay to Enjoy the Most Out of FIFA Mobile

Austin Roberts Jun 02, 2018

Over the years the video game industry has been expanding at an exponential rate. Games are not only played and enjoyed by the young generation, adults are in on it too. Thanks to technological innovation, video games are migrating from consoles and PCs to mobile platforms. Companies are busy trying to outdo each other and every developer is trying to bring the most appealing video games to the market. One of such games is FIFA Mobile. If you are a citizen of the gamer’s republic then you already know what FIFA is all about. Needless to say, just scroll down to the section that tells you how you to get discounted FIFA Mobile Points.

FIFA Mobile

There were a lot of inconsistencies in the early days of FIFA Mobile. Now FIFA on mobile has reached something worthy of its own identity.

For starters, FIFA is a soccer (football) video game that allows you to virtually do all the things being done in the real world of soccer (football). To download FIFA mobile on your Android mobile phone/tablet go to the Play Store and search for FIFA 18, click and install – voila! Same procedure in the App Store on your iPhone/iPad. FIFA Mobile has four principal game modes with the duration that range from less than a minute long challenge and up to full matches that last almost six minutes each. The various modes are:

Live events
Vs Attack

In FIFA Mobile, FIFA Coins are the soft currency. You can earn them via play. FIFA Points, on the other hand, can only be gained through in-app purchases. The price ranges from $0.99 for 100 points to $99 for 12.000 points. Only through the official store. If you use U4Gold’s platform, you can save quite a bit of money if you want to buy FIFA Points on Mobile. At a 12,000 points option will go for only $74.99. – a 25% savings!

The points are then spent in the store where you will get EA-curated bundles and player packs, usually at the premium end of the spectrum. The cheapest is the beginner pack that offers two bronze players, one silver player or a better player for 3,500 coins. If you are an intermediate or skillful player you can accumulate this amount relatively quickly via standard play.

To get the classier players, you will need to pay more. A mid-range Pro Pack with at least one guaranteed gold player costs 7,500 coins/150 points which are approximately $1.50. Other more premium offers are exclusive. They appear to be timed and if you act quickly you can get them.

FIFA Mobile

Gaining the most from the FIFA Mobile experience.

For people who do not want to cash out on IAPs, another option is the transfer market. Here players are allowed to trade-in players to one another. However, it will take you a long time to rise through the ranks as opposed to using shortcuts. In addition, the energy system requires a refill that costs 99 points, which makes it more difficult to earn points. The smartest players take shortcuts by buying points.


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