World of Tanks Blitz Guide to Get Gold!


World of Tanks Blitz Guide to Get Gold!

Alexandru Tanase May 22, 2018

World of Tanks Blitz is always exciting to play, until you realize that you have to get gold as quickly as possible. The thing to keep in mind is that gold is required for upgrades, new tanks, and ammo. Basically, you will need gold for anything in the game, and thus you have to adjust your strategy as much as possible. A good way to achieve great results here is by using some simple tricks that help you achieve this goal a lot faster. At here I outline some strategies to focus on. If you’re looking to build your arsenal and need to get safe and cheap gold legally, you should visit them.


World of Tanks Blitz

New missions available.

Missions are great most of the time and they are pretty varied. Even if they can become repetitive at times, it’s still a very good idea to check out those missions if you can. They will change from time to time, and you always have some new challenges with each mission. That’s what makes World of Tanks Blitz so good, the fact that you are always in control of what missions you want to get and what you want to complete.

World of Tanks Blitz Gold

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World of Tanks Blitz Gold

Video-watching to earn gold.

Watching videos is a good source of gold, actually. It won’t give you a lot of gold, but then again you can watch these whenever you want and you will receive enough gold for upgrades. It’s a good option, albeit a problematic one if you’re the type of person that wants to avoid ads.


There are a lot of tournaments in the game that you can play as you see fit. One of the most interesting things about World of Tanks Blitz is that it’s a title about challenges and tasks that you need to complete. But at the same time, you can also enter tournaments. And if you win, you can receive lots of gold. It really goes to show that you can obtain a whole lot of unique mechanics for you to enjoy and explore. Tournaments make you better at the game anyway, so having the ability to earn gold this way is quite exciting and interesting.

Forum Contests

World of Tanks Blitz has a wonderful forum and there you can find a lot of cool giveaways or contests. That’s why you should check them out, as you do get a whole lot of gold if you enter there. You just have to check that out, as it will be a nice experience.

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World of Tanks Blitz Gold

Buying Gold

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In conclusion, World of Tanks Blitz does offer plenty of methods for you to get gold. You have to identify which one works for you and the experience can be a great one in the end due to that. Remember, if you want to play World of Tanks Blitz properly, then getting gold is a priority and these methods will help you quite a lot.

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