What Are Some Good Clan Battle Decks for Clash Royale?


What Are Some Good Clan Battle Decks for Clash Royale?

Ivica Milaric May 29, 2018

Clash Royale is an ever-changing game, both in terms of tactics and the general approach to deck building. Since it came out, there were several big changes in its card selection. Naturally, this immediately impacted the way people created and use decks. For those who are only starting to play the game, there is often the notion that a deck with more legendary cards is automatically the best one. For these individuals, players who spend most Clash Royale Gems get the best results. However, all of them abandon the same way of thinking after some time and once they realize that it is the actual synergy between the cards that provide the best results.

To buy Clash Royale Gems does not necessarily mean that the player will win all the time or that they will have the best decks. This is even more pronounced when it comes to the Clan Battle mode where the player and a friend take on two opponents in the same arena. Often, this mod is simply known as Clash Royale 2v2. With two King and two Princess towers, the action inside of a Clan Battle is a whole new beast compared to the regular one-on-one battles. Here, the idea of synergy is crucial, not just in the deck construction, but also in the way cards are played in relation to the ally’s moves. Thanks to that level of complexity, even decks with regular cards and only a couple of rare ones can be exceedingly effective in the right hands. With that in mind, here is the overview of the best Clash Royale decks that are currently being used in Clan Battle, along with some general tips and tricks for this mod.

Clash Royale Gems

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Clan Battle Best Practices

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of crafting great Clan Battle decks, everyone should first fully understand some of the basics of this mod. Also, we will examine some good practices, as well as tips and tricks that have been proven to provide the biggest advantages match after match. None of these are match-winners on their own and most are common knowledge, but at the same time, they are exceedingly useful. A lot of players who did not go for them usually find their game style rejuvenated once they include them in their battle behavior. Here is a list of the essential best practices, along with a few special tips and tricks that will improve any player’s baseline performances in Clan Battle mod, but also in single player showdowns.

Having a Splash Damage/Area of Effect Unit

In 2v2, an absolute must is to have a splash damage unit, also known as a unit that provides an area of effect (AoE) damage. Direct damage units only degrade the HP of their primary target, but the AoE unit deals damage to a wider area, affecting more units or buildings. In Clan Battle, players will come across two opponents and the chance of neither of them having cards like Skeleton Army or a Goblin Gang are close to zero. With these cards, the players face a swarm attack threat. This means that they can bring down a tank unit and then open up a way for their tank or main offensive card.

A good 2v2 deck must include a sure way of dealing with them. Of course, spells can be used for this, but having an AoE card is a much better solution. For this purpose, the Executioner does a great job with his returning ax (now that we think about it, the Executioner card is basically the character Kratos from the new God of War game). Cards like Hunter also do a similarly good job but are more of a challenge for novice players. As a general rule, the Executioner should be the go-to AoE card for every Clan Battle deck.

Executioner is a must have card for most Clan Battle decks.

Using a Building Card

The Building cards are often a double-edged sword, aside of course from the brilliant Inferno Tower (this one works great almost in any deck out there). However, it is important to figure out why a building is needed - its main objective is to lure the attacking units towards the center point of the shared base. This allows both Princess tower to engage the swarm cards, while bigger single units can be slowly chipped at from at least one tower. Also, there is one additional advantage of placing a building near the King tower in hopes of an enemy spell accidentally grazing them, which immediately activates their cannons. Only, this time, the players will have two of them defending their base, which is a solid amount of firepower.

Dragging Instead of Tapping

In theory, it would be best for 2v2 matches for the co-players to communicate together via voice. However, in reality, this does not happen often. Still, the need to communicate is open in other ways and the most effective one is using the drag option for card drops instead of a tapping motion, which instantly puts your card on the battlefield. Drag, on the other hand, signals the intended move and it is visible to the co-player. This way, both players can see the upcoming move and the other player can adjust their move accordingly. For example, if the first player drags a P.E.K.K.A to towards a Princess tower, the other player can drop a Wizard or an Executioner behind it. This provides an instant team-building process where the units are grouped by their abilities. Or, the other player can then bear down on the other tower as a distraction and a moment later start to support the P.E.K.K.A’s push. Also, dragging stops miscommunication issues like both players dropping in the Log one after another, essentially wasting the second one completely.

Now, with the basics of the Clan Battle covered, here are some of the good Clan Battle decks for Clash Royale that can be used in this mode. Each deck discusses the main offensive and defensive cards and how they are used in the 2v2 setup. Some will feature all of the cards, while all will focus on the most important ones that have to be used. Aside from these, the players should fill in the rest using the cards they have access to, but utilize them only as a support of the primary offensive and defensive cards. In that case, any filler cards will work well inside of the main concept.

Miner Poison Deck
Main Cards:
Offense: Hog Rider, Poison, Miner
Defense: Electro Wizard, Building (Barbarian Hut, Inferno Tower)

Clash Royale

All Clan Battle decks should have at least one building and use it for defense.

With this deck, the player’s main offensive combo comes with the use of the Hog Rider, on one hand, followed by a Miner and Poison deployment. The Hog Rider comes first, as the main brunt of the attack. Now, as the opponents scramble to set up a defense, as long as it is not a fast-deployed building, the Rider will be on a Princess tower. Then come to the Miner and the Poison Spell. The Miner is mostly there to pick up the opening made by the Rider, but on the other side of the tower, towards the back. Ideally, the Rider will attack the forward front, while the Miner does his damage on the opposite side. All the while, the Poison will take care of any swarm cards, like the Skeleton Army, dealing a bit of damage to the tower itself. With this taking place on the offensive front, the player should have a big spell ready for stopping the enemy’s counterattack.

Ideally, this should be a big damage dealer like the Lightning or the Rocket card. However, the deck works only with its main component of the Electro Wizard. This is one of the most versatile cards in the whole game and its use in defense is crucial. Here, the main combo is the use of the Inferno Tower mixed in with the appearance of the Electro Wizard. The drop damage it provides is essential because it will stop the Inferno Tower being overrun by small HP units like goblins. The card will also do wonders for big airborne damage dealers, like the Balloon, which will likely destroy the Inferno Tower, but not before it is also taken away by the Electro Wizards bolts of lightning. In this defensive setup, the player should try to drop the Electro Wizard in such way that it stands a chance of surviving the encounter. From there, it can join the new offensive push of the Hog Rider, while the co-player also let loose. With this card in the offensive mix, especially later in the game when the targeted Princess tower already took some damage from the Hog Rider and Poison combo.

Rocket Defense Deck
Main Cards:
Offense: Rocket
Defense: Cannon, Ice Wizard, Inferno Dragon, Log

Clash Royale

The Rocket Defense Deck.

The Spell Cycle deck is the essential defense deck in the 2v2 Clash Royale. No one needs many Clash Royale Gems to create this type of deck, but if someone does need them U4Gold.com is the ideal solution for that problem. Anyone looking for Gems to be used in Clash Royale can attain them here through legal and safe means. So if you are a player seeking to buy Clash Royale Gems, check out the U4Gold.com offer right now. However, this deck requires a minimal amount of gems. Using the deck is really simple for both co-players - this is a true and true defense setup. The main damage dealer for the deck is the Rocket card, which should always be used to target the main offensive force of the opponent, along with one of their Crown Towers.

Between these moments, the players focus on defending their grounds using buildings or spells and some great counter cards, like the already mentioned Executioner. Any enemy tank cards should be met by the Inferno Dragon. During the game, at least one of these cards should reach the enemy tower and deal a bit of damage to it. With some luck, it could even finish the job started with the repeated use of the Rocket card. Finally, the last element that the deck should use is the Mirror spell card - both players should try and launch as a double Rocket card whenever they can. An additional factor that makes this deck so effective in 2v2 is the fact that it requires little cooperation - both players simply defend and attack with their Rocket cards.

Hog Goblin Barrel Pressure Deck
Main Cards:
Offense: Hog Rider, Goblin Barrel
Defense: Lightning, Tesla Tower

Clash Royale

The Hog Rider and the Goblin Barrel are often the ultimate combo.

The names are there to fully explain this deck - it is all about the offensive and putting the pressure on the other two players. The main means for this process are the Hog Rider and the Goblin Barrel, both great offensive cards. Yet, the thing about this deck is the fact that it very smartly uses their different means of attack. Both cards share their unstoppable delivery - the Hog Rider jumps into the river while the Goblin Barrel drops at any part of the Arena. With these decks, both players need to put a constant stream of pressure with both cards and what is crucial - on both Princess towers. This way, the opponents will not be able to muster an effective counter-attack.

Any attempts at this should be stopped with the deployment of the Tesla Tower card, like always, at the center of the battlefield. The last element of the deck should be the use of the Lightninging card. This is a special card in this setup because it acts as a defense and offense. While the Hog Rider and the Goblin Barrel provide a steady stream of pressure, the Lightninging card should be used to stop a new offensive wave and also deal a bit more damage to the Crown tower. Playing the Hog Goblin Barrel Pressure Deck is not always easy, but it more than often creates a decisive victory for the team that uses it properly.


Any of these decks can be a great asset in the Clan Battle mode, but at the same time, there will also be defeated from time to time, even with the best players using them. A helping hand can come from U4Gold.com and its great offer of Clash Royale Gems for Sale, which can be obtained legally, safely and using discount prices. At the same time, any player should also focus on improving their game using the cards they have. For this, 2v2 is a great option and something everyone should be engaged in regularly if they want to improve how they play Clash Royale, but also have loads of fun.


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