The Importance of a Maxed-Out Queen, and How to Use Her


The Importance of a Maxed-Out Queen, and How to Use Her

Indike Roussen May 21, 2018

You may have heard it from the experienced players that the archer queen should be upgraded to the maximum level as soon as possible. You may have wished that you had done it whenever you watch a good queen walk. But with laloon and laloonian being able to 3 star some bases at town hall 9 level, a majority of players do not realize the importance of the beautiful heroine.

The reason is simple: The archer queen could be called the most powerful troop of all. She is also the troop which can be used in the widest variety of ways and strategies. No other troop or hero, backed by 4 or 5 healers, can destroy more than 25% of a war base. At U4OLD I outline why the archer queen is more important than you think. If you’re looking to get safe, cheap gems you should visit them.

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You can buy the archer queen at town hall 9 as you all know, and then max up to level 30. Until 2017 archer queen could be upgraded to level 45 only but then it was extended to level 50 at town hall 11. At level 1 she requires 10 minutes for regeneration but at level 50 it will be 59 minutes. At ability level 1 the archer queen’s destruction increases to 300 when the cloak ability is activated and it will be 1020 at ability level 10. Imagine how much extra damage your queen would do if you have maxed her. Furthermore, ability level 1 stays for 3.6 seconds while ability level 10 stays for 5.2 seconds. Compare 3.6 seconds of 300 dps vs 5.2 seconds of 1020 dps. The difference is 2* in most cases.

Archer queen can be used in many ways as I already mentioned above. The most popular and the best way is to use her with healers. Until 2017 a healer had only 4 levels and the queen could properly absorb only the healing power of 4 healers. But in 2018 healers received another level, and a Queen Walk with 5 maximum healers is a very powerful strategy. But remember to destroy air defences as soon as possible as they can kill the healers very quickly. A rage spell on the healers increase the life of the archer queen by a great margin, and that rage spell could be the most useful spell you dropped during the attack. I have seen some players who drop healing spells on them but healing the healers will not help the queen when she needs more life. The only way to give the queen more life is to use a rage, not a healing spell.

clash of clans

Queen Walk destroyed more than 25% of this base.

Many players pop the queen’s ability as soon as her health line goes red. But my advice is you should consider doing that if you are in one of these situations: 1. Your queen is about to die and there are no healers to back her up. In that case it’s wise to activate her ability. 2. The queen must clear a heavily guarded area so that your more fragile troops can enter. In that case activating her ability will save a lot more troops that carries more fire power than what the queen could generate alone. In other words, never activate the cloak ability just because you have heard that it should be done at 50% or 25%. Do it at your own discretion so that you get the maximum use of your whole army, not just the queen. But an army backed by the archer queen is far stronger than an army without her.

clash of clans

Air attacks may 3* only a weak base without heroes.

So the next time you feel you are fine without the queen remember that laloon and laloonian could be strong but even that would be stronger with a maxed out queen. Therefore, upgrade your queen all the time until she is the strongest of all troops.

clash of clans

A good player’s best asset is a maximum level queen.

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