Clash Royale: Rascals Card - The Essential Guide That Will Make You a Rascals' Master!


Clash Royale: Rascals Card - The Essential Guide That Will Make You a Rascals' Master!

Ivica Milaric May 15, 2018

A new card is dropping into the Clash Royale arena and that is always exciting. On May 25th, 2018, the Clash Royale Rascals card is going to appear in the game. This time, unlike some of the previous cards that were less than exciting (hint – Zappies), this one shows a whole lot of promise. The same is especially related to the way the new card will play into existing Clash Royale decks and strategies.

A Tight Bunch

Right now, there are some hard facts about the card and these can be seen in the bottom of any card collection. There, grayed out as any upcoming card, stand the Rascals. The art on the card shows an interesting group. It showcases two archer-like girls, one chewing a slab of pink bubble gum, while behind them, a big guy is seen sporting a very a goofy haircut. Meet the rascals team! As their name says, these characters acting as a team are a group of mischievous fighters that make their presence immediately known in the arena.

The unit works with the big guy going in front and fighting melee against every opponent or tower using his wooden sword. Behind him, two rascal girls are located, armed with bubblegum slingshots who can engage units both on the ground and in the air. Together, they can take on a range of opponents, covering both swarm units and tanks with similar effectiveness.

Rascal Card Stats

The Clash Royale Rascals card is a Common type with a cost of 5 Elixir and it will be found in chests from Level 9 Arena and above. The stats of each of the two types of character in the card grouping is also interesting. Rascal Boy Level 1 is a ground-only attack unit with 1600 hit points, meaning it can take some serious damage. It is able to deal 110 damage and its hit speed is 1.3 seconds. Rascal girls, on the other hand, come with a lot smaller hit point count (216) making them an easy target for spells and swarm range opponents. However, they do pack a serious punch with their size, dealing 110 damage every 1.1 seconds.Both rascal girls and boy move using medium speed.

Rascal Card Clash Royale Strategies

The combo of these two unit types is ideal for defense. The tank Rascal boy will draw the damage to himself, allow the Rascal girls to give their enemies a taste of their bubblegum. Their formation (two girls behind the boy) also make them an effective distraction when they are placed in front of the King’s tower. This will allow them to combat both approaches to the Princess towers with the bubblegum shots. Any such use of the Rascals card means that the enemy’s attack, especially rush strategies, can be countered effectively. The same is true for their price which is literally in the middle of the Elixir range, so any combo with a big offensive card would have to be tightly calculated. Of course, the Rascals can engage enemies on the opponent's half of the arena. They are more vulnerable here, especially the flimsy Rascal girls. Any spell would kill them off and leave the Rascals boy as an easy prey to towers and other ranged units.

However, the defensive potential of the Rascals card is more than impressive. After 25th of May when the card is available, it is certain that it will find its place as a defensive heavyweight in many best Clash Royale deck combinations.

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