Top Tips and Tricks for World of Warships Blitz


Top Tips and Tricks for World of Warships Blitz

Ivica Milaric Jun 06, 2018

Anyone who loves the Wargaming way of making games and at the same time is interested in ships and modern naval warfare probably already knows about World of Warships. Now, however, its mobile version called the World of Warships Blitz game is as popular as the PC version with millions around the globe taking to digital seas to vanquish their enemies. The appeal of the game is huge for several different reasons. Firstly, it provides a very engaging and historically accurate environment with many lifelike ships that were used in war. It also comes with a dynamic combat and each play session is full of excitement.

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Finally, it provides all of this in a very measured synergy and without focusing too much on reflexes and reaction speed. All of this is what allows gamers of all ages tend to enjoy it. Every day, many take this opportunity and get the game on their mobile devices. Yet, even though the game is tons of fun, many feel a bit lost in their first gaming sessions. For some, in fact, the demanding nature of the initial learning curve is the very thing that makes them stop playing. This does not need to happen, especially if the players possess a bit of the right type of knowledge. The same is true for both new players and those who have a bit of experience in the game. With that in mind, here is an overview of the top World of Warships Blitz tips and tricks for almost any skill level.

Using the Game’s Ship Diversification

The World of Warships Blitz game naturally comes with a huge selection of ships, all of them broken down into four basic ship classes. These include cruisers, destroyers, battleships and aircraft carriers. The World of Warships Blitz online community is often bitterly divided on the issues like which ship is the best and what should be played constantly. However the truth is that all of them have their unique strengths and weaknesses. The crucial tip for anyone starting to play the game is to play all of them. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, by playing all of them, the newcomers will get the hang of the game and slowly begin to see their own personal play style emerging. Essentially, all players can be divided into more aggressive or more defensive styles.

Battleships are the main tank units in the game

Battleships are the main tank units in the game.

But, inside of these, there are many more subtle differences and characteristics. Any style, played in the right manner, has what it takes to win and dominate over the sea. The other big reason for playing all of the possible ship classes is the fact that this way, players learn their weaknesses. This allows them to better target opponents, being that they already have direct experience with playing the same ship. For example, an aircraft carrier will launch its fighters and target ships this way, but in spite of its size, entering into any kind of a direct confrontation with a destroyer, for example, is a sure way for the carrier to go under the waves. All of this comes to players if they know enough about enemy’s ship and how these are used.

WoWs Blitz

Aircraft Carrier –A big damage dealer with low armor and protection.

Going for Full Firepower

Any duel in World of Warships Blitz game will come down to sheer firepower. The amount of damage a ship can take versus the amount it can deal out is the essential combat ratio. That is why players should never hold off on their arsenal and instead, put as much of it as they can bearing down on their enemy. As soon as their lock on the enemy ship is active, the player can fire. However, before they do, they should check how many of their guns are able to fire and are in range. To make sure most guns can do most of the damage, the players should get their ship close to the enemy as possible without themselves being blown to pieces. But, once the best possible conditions are set, the players should unleash all of their firepower as fast as possible. In most duels, the first player that does this playing on World of Warships Blitz USA servers or somewhere else will likely end up the winner.

WoWs Blitz

Getting close means having a better chance of winning.

Being Prepared to Spend Gold

A lot of players who get into this game usually believe that they should save their in-game gold. However, this can often become a really problematic strategy because it keeps the player on the same level, not allowing them to advance further. The truth is that lower-tier ships should be replaced with better ones using World of Warships Blitz gold. This applies to any type of player out there and all of this comes from the fact that the World of Warship economy is important for the overall process of advancement. Of course, for anyone who wants to speed up this process, there is a way to top up cheap World of Warships Blitz gold. It comes in the form of, an excellent service that is dedicated to providing a completely safe and secure access to in-game currencies. These include the World of Warships Blitz, so anyone looking to get a bit of extra gold should see how can help.

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Expanding Ship’s Equipment

Finally, another important way how to use World of Warships Blitz gold is to access ship’s equipment slots. Many new players tend to overlook these, but they are very important for winning duels. Here, a player can add additional supplies and even boosters that are usable during a single battle. However, while boosters are spent during an engagement, additional equipment is permanent and will last indefinitely. Like with buying new ships, there is an economic side to this equation that many tend to miss. Equipment is an instrumental way of gaining an edge in a confrontation, but it is also important because it can be sold at half price, allowing the players to get some of their gold back.


Getting into the World of Warships Blitz game is something that will thrill and excite anyone who loves naval warfare. Now, with these World of Warships Blitz tips and tricks, the same players will be able to move through the ranks of the game in a much faster and smoother manner.


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