Top 10 CoC Base Upgrade Order Part 2


Top 10 CoC Base Upgrade Order Part 2

Indike Roussen Jul 01, 2018

6. Always Keep a Builder Reserved for Walls

If you haven’t heard this already then you are missing one great piece of advice. When you have a huge amount of gold and elixir the natural temptation is to start time consuming upgrades such as xbows and infernos. But think of the gold and elixir that will go to waste until a builder is free. And that is the gold and elixir you could have spent on your walls. You waste them due to no builder, and then you will be looting for walls again. If you upgrade your walls with a dedicated builder then nothing will go to waste, and the base will be upgraded quickly.

Additionally, with the arrival of the Wall Wrecker the game changed drastically. But SuperCell realized that the Wall Wrecker goes farther than they expected making it the decider of an attack. Therefore, they nerfed it in the 2018 June 28 update making it fair for both parties. Still the Wall Wrecker is another major reason why you should max up your walls as soon as possible.

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7. Upgrade Air Defences

One of the main attack strategies at all town hall levels is laloonion, dragon, and other related air attacks. It is highly recommended that you upgrade the air defences first. This would be one defence building you can gem if you can afford to buy some cheap gems. Although not essential, this is an important upgrade considering the air attack buff after the Clash of Clans 2018 June update.

Upgrade air-and-ground defences

Upgrade air-and-ground defences.

8. Upgrade Air-And-Ground Defences

This is understandable too. A mortar, even though it has splash damage, cannot do anything about dragons or loons. A single minion can take out a mighty mortar or a cannon without any trouble. Therefore, the defences that can attack both air and ground have a better ability of defending a hybrid attack from the enemy.

Another fact I would pay attention on is the hit points of the buildings. Wizard tower has splash damage, attacks ground and air targets, and has very high hit points. That makes it the natural nomination for the next upgrade choice. If you are too worried about goblin attacks consider using some cheap gems as that would be a meaningful investment. But that depends on how much you want to protect the loot in your storages.

Upgrade splash damage defences

Upgrade splash damage defences.

9. Upgrade Splash Damage Defences

There’s a reason for this. Splash damage targets all troops in an area and weakens them so that the single target defences can take each of them down with one shot. When the enemy deploys a high number of low hit-point troops they will be taken out easily with splash damage. Hence the priority for these defences in the upgrade order.

10. Everything Else is for You to Decide Wisely

Sometimes your circumstances may be different. This advice is only a general plan which you can adjust according to your needs. But upgrading your resource generators should be a main priority in the base upgrade order and it should be done before upgrading the defences.

Another important point is that the base upgrade order of a low level town hall such as 5 or 6 would be different from that of a town hall 10 or 11. At town hall 10 and upwards the attack strategy involves mainly bowler, witch, golem, valk, and healer. Therefore, upgrading xbows and infernos before other defences would be a wise choice too. With the multi target range increased in the 2018 June 28 upgrade, infernos would prove to be deadly for the attacker and that should be exploited at all levels.

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But there is one rule that would never change: Upgrade your elixir mines, gold mines, and dark elixir mines to the maximum level available. Because that is the real game changer in the Clash of Clans base upgrade.

The short answer: Upgrade the essentials such as the lab, camps, and the clan castle, and then upgrade your resource collectors before anything else.

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