The Ultimate Guide to Playing Boom Beach 2018


The Ultimate Guide to Playing Boom Beach 2018

Zeeman Memon May 16, 2018

Long gone are the days when smartphones were just used for communication purposes. If you look at all the new features phones have to offer today, you’ll realize smartphones have come a long way since they were first introduced. From the cameras that shoot videos in high definition to screens that have every gamer drooling over them. It is for this very reason why a lot of interesting games are being introduced specifically to cater to this massively growing market, as smartphones allow users to conveniently game whenever they want, and on the go.

One such game that has everyone eye’s glued to their phone’s screen is Boom Beach. Created by Super Cell in 2014, this game can be played on both Android & iOS devices. With the use of an emulator or smart TV, you even have the option of taking the whole experience to bigger screens of your computer or TV. However, in this guide we will be only discussing Boom Beach in depth with respect to Android & iOS.

Ultimate Guide to playing Boom Beach 2018

There are, however, some key strategies and gaming guides you need to be aware of to become a pro in this game that involves mostly combat strategy.

Playing Boom Beach is not rocket science. If you’re already familiar with other famous smartphone games such as Clash of Clans or any other strategy game, you won’t have any trouble playing this game. Let us start from the beginning: the interface. It seems to evoke a sense of familiarity. From the whole welcoming guide to the overall design, it is similar to Clash of Clans.

Start with the Tutorial

Like all the other games that you might have been playing on your phone, this one comes with a tutorial too, obviously at the start. Do not skip this one, rather go through it very carefully. From the basics of how you should be setting up the basic game to understanding the importance of colonel and inhabitants, it will teach you everything.

Basically, the tutorial will brief you about the enemy and how you can construct towers to defend your base. You can also build fleets to attack other islands.

Strengthen Your Base

Once you are through the tutorial, setting up your base won’t take long for you. After this, the next step in line would be to strengthen and customize it based on the strategy you would be following. At this point, you also would have to name the village. Make sure it is something you are comfortable with since changing it afterward would cost you money.

Given below are some of the key strategies you can adopt to make your base more secure.

  • 1. The defensive structures should be placed near important buildings without touching them. One square should be left between the buildings, especially for the ones that are important to you. This will limit the chances of your enemy to destroy multiple targets at once.
  • 2. Intersperse the structures that are less important to you near the important buildings. This will keep the enemy at bay and serve as a means to stall them. Using these structures as baits will give you time to protect the more important buildings closer to the one that is under attack.
  • 3. Like all forced operations, the headquarters is the most powerful structure. It serves as a brain to all of your operations and must be protected at all costs. Once it is attacked and destroyed, the game is literally over for you. One tip that has helped all players is placing the HQ in an area that is hard to reach. Select this position at the beginning of the game and then work to protect it from all sides using structures.
  • 4. By making use of the flare ability, the troops of the enemy can also travel through the trees. By selecting a spot which is closer to the leaves will leave the HQ vulnerable. This is why you should always be providing defensive coverage to all the trees near and around the HQ.

These points will come to be extra helpful once your base increases in size and you gain extra firepower. The basic strategies will help you last longer in the game and defeat your opponent the best way.


Based on the different levels you will get to explore and unlock, the headquarter’s level would increase too. This would mean that you have to come up with newer and better strategies starting from the structure placements to how you choose to defend it. As the rule goes, the higher the level of your HQ, the higher the number of hit points it will have. Thus, using the basic defensive strategies mentioned above, you will be good enough to protect the brain of your operations during every level of the game.

The weekly villain

Apart from the usual villains, there is another villain which would appear twice in a week, Dr. Terror. He starts appearing every Wednesday after you have defeated the Level 10 HQ and once you have crossed over HQ20, he will start appearing every Saturday too. These are like added bonuses for all those who can’t seem to get enough of this game.


You can even upgrade your artillery to get hold of weapons that will improve your long distance attack and allow you to take the target from far off. Apart from this, upgrading your HQ will come with a lot of benefits too and is something you must look into as well.


You will have to come up with strategies on how you want to proceed with each level. Being too offensive and defensive might not work for you at all levels. This strategy will not only help you protect your bases but also gain up on your gems, diamonds and other amenities the game offers. When in war, this strategy is a game changer and something you will come to appreciate as you proceed. As you move on, you definitely might come up with your own tactics but to begin with, this one seems to work at every time.

Boom Beach is not a game meant for the adults or teenagers only. In fact, it is a game which all the adults and children can play together and have a good family time.

The above mentioned are some of the most basic things to guide you through the game. Once you start playing you will get to notice that Boom Beach has a world of things that you can learn and explore. So, get started with the download today and follow our guide to playing Boom Beach 2018 to lead your troops to the win.

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