How to Get More Gems in Clash of Clans?


How to Get More Gems in Clash of Clans?

Austin Roberts May 26, 2018

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by any player who is impatient to get his/her base to the maximum level. In this article I am going to give you a comprehensive understanding about exactly that. Before we discuss how to get more gems let us discuss the basic ways we get gems in the game. We will dive deeper into the matter later.

Free Gems from the Base Itself

As you enter the game as an amateur you get 250 gems as I can remember, and you have no idea how important gems are as you go on pressing the “finish now” button at every building upgrade unless someone had already told you not to. When the building time increases you realize that you need a new builder and to buy a builder you need gems. At that point it dawns on you that you should have saved all those gems.

Clash of Clans

Trash brings gems and gold but some are beautiful too!

The most common way of getting gems frequently is by clearing the trash that spawns on your base. These trash items such as trunks, trees, and bushes would give you anything from 1 to 6 gems. You get more trash on your base if you could not log into your base for several days. But I always keep special editions of things such as Halloween obstacles, fortune trees, and Christmas obstacles etc. Who wouldn’t like a beautiful base where the builders and the army would be happier, right? My base is an amusement park!

Clash of Clans

Archer Queen taking a nap in her beautiful garden.

The other remarkable thing is the gem box. When a player did not log in for a long time a gem box is there the next time he logs in. But that is still comparatively rare. Sometimes it looks like that at low level town halls if a player spends a considerable amount of gems on a building upgrade there is a bigger chance of getting a gem box within a very short time. But again I cannot say that for sure.

Clash of Clans

Builder base comes with gems.

With the arrival of the builder base several more ways of getting free in-game gems came up. The gem mine and builder base trash frequently generate gems to help you in your race to the top. Upgrade your gem mine to the maximum level to see at least 2 gems ready for harvesting per day. Personally I do not like the builder base and my aversion comes as a blessing. I log in to the base once in every 2 days only to clear the trash and collect gems. Now I am happy that the builder base is there because it gives me around 20 gems per day. As a challenge? No, I still hate it.

Gems for Achievements

Achievements are where you get gems in big numbers. When I received 250 gems at town hall 8 for reaching the Crystal League I could not believe it. 250 life saving gems! It was a huge thing for me. But later I realized that 250 was just the beginning. Master League gave me 1000 gems and the Champion League rewarded me with 2000 gems.

A word of advice is that you should save your gems when you get them in thousands, and use them wisely when the necessity arises. My next big gem reward was for achieving 1000 war stars which I used to upgrade a barrack right away saving my troop cooking time. 1000 war stars is that amazing place where you all go some day, and you will get those 1000 gems no doubt as you clash on.

Clash of Clans

Achievements reward you with gems.

For those who love the builder base another achievement is there. You will get 1000 gems for reaching 3000 trophy level in the builder base. Although the builder base is gloomy and uninviting it has more impressive ways of rewarding you with gems. Therefore, whether you like it or not, do not forget to upgrade the gem mine and the clock tower to the maximum level. Clock tower helps you reap gems by removing trash quickly while the gem mine too is accelerated during that time. Never miss the slightest opportunity of generating even a fraction of a free gem.

Other achievements with huge gem rewards are destroying xbows, destroying inferno towers, and destroying Eagle Artilleries etc., which are not that far away if you are a regular player.

A Secret No One Has Ever Told You

Here is a secret that no one else has ever told you. Did you know that even at town hall 8 you can complete the first inferno achievement level without using a single troop? You can, and this is how to do it without any effort. You need some gold to go on nexting until you find a town hall 10 base with level 1 inferno towers. Make 3 lightning spells and an earth quake spell ready. Take a max earthquake in your clan castle. Find a base with level 1 inferno towers and drop all your spells on it. Remember to drop the maximum earth quake first since it deals a 25% destruction when dropped before low level earth quake spells. The inferno tower will be destroyed! 10 attacks and 100 gems will be yours without spending a single troop. Tell your friends about this but please be kind enough to tell them that you found this gem of a trick on U4GOLD.

The difference between level 1 and level 3 inferno towers

Clash of Clans

Level 1 inferno tower has no spikes on its arm

Clash of Clans

Higher inferno towers have spikes on the arm

How Far Do the Free Gems Go?

That is a good question. As the game gets more complex with regular updates every month or two, obviously the need for gems go up too. More building upgrade levels and more troop levels demand more gems. Although you should not gem every building and every troop sometimes an upgrade might decide your war or your league. In a multiplayer game each player has to stand shoulder to shoulder with others in order to win.

You can wait 10 days or even more to get your barbarian to level 6 because no one takes them to war. Even if you use one or two there are other troops that can replace it. But can you really wait 7 days to get the Valkyrie to level 4? Now, that is a thing to think about. If you have no gems and no way of buying gems then there is no other choice. But if you can afford a fraction of the money that would cost you to buy them in-game, I see nothing wrong in buying some cheap gems from somewhere you can trust. Remember: from somewhere you can trust. (My favourite has always been U4GOLD for their reliability and quick service.)

Clash of Clans

I waited 8 days with no war and no loot.

One main reason to upgrade your troops as soon as you upgrade your town hall is the recent change in the war match making system. SuperCell recently changed their war match making algorithms to address the excessive engineering problem that became a major issue for serious players. The result is now even the .5 bases are counted as engineered bases and draw in defence-heavy bases that demands maximum level troops. Before that change a .5 base was the best war base available in a clan. (A .5 base is a war base that has the maximum defences of the previous town hall level but no new defences bought for the current level).

Importance of Knowing Who Can Be Trusted

With that comes the question of buying gems. There are two ways to buy gems. If you can spend a lot of money you can buy them straight through the game store. If I was the son of a very rich Sultan that’s what I would do. But for those who have less money yet love the game as much as anyone else, there are sellers who sell them for cheaper prices. But the story does not end there. To buy gems for cheaper prices you need to entrust your credentials to the sellers for a short time, and that is the risk. Unless you find the right seller with no sinister motives you are very much likely to lose your base and the money. That’s where U4GOLD comes in. With years of experience in providing cheap resources in many games, and with a 100% recommendation from everyone who has bought from them, you can be sure of quality, efficiency, and trustworthiness. An established service provider like U4GOLD with a pristine record is far more reliable than a seller who emerges from nowhere with a random webpage created yesterday.

If you ask me if anyone is unhappy about players buying gems outside the game, I would say yes the developers are, but they are not as unhappy as when you don’t buy gems at all. Some funds even in smaller amounts is a help to continue the game. A bulk seller offers gems cheaper because that’s how to get more customers and build a business with a good reputation. U4GOLD has done just that and they continue to provide a service to those who have big dreams and less funds. I wouldn’t have upgraded my base to the level it is today if not for the cheap gems I bought from U4GOLD, and I am one happy player today.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

But it would be a crime if I did not caution you against the common pitfalls in gem purchases. If someone offers you gems for too cheap then there can be something sinister behind it. Cheap gems do not mean that you get them for next to nothing. Instead, a reliable gem dealer like U4GOLD sells them very cheaper than the In-Game gems but at a certain cost that is reasonable for both parties. They provide a service at very affordable prices while maintaining their own business.

Clash of Clans Gems

Join for discounted gems and safe, service.

SuperCell ID Scam

This comes as a serious warning. If anyone told you to add their email address to your SuperCell ID field in order to give you FREE GEMS, please do not do that! Once you enter their email address to your SC ID field, instead of getting free gems, your CoC base will be theirs, and it will be unrecoverable. Sometimes they might even pretend to give you their base, and for that they will ask you to enter their email address to the SC ID field. Please remember that the moment you enter someone else’s email address in that field FOR WHAT EVER REASON, your base will be gone.

TOS, Gems, and Legends

Let us get serious about how the game works and how the creators look at the players. Let us begin with the Terms of Service better known as TOS. You cannot give your base to someone else. That’s the main rule and that’s fair enough. But SuperCell knows that out of the millions of the SC bases about 25% are always shared, mostly between friends, brothers and sisters, parents and children etc. So that kind of exchanges are some kind of “legitimate violations of TOS” if I may coin a new term.

If you have heard of players like Ahmed Al Attar - I say his name with respect and admiration for the love and dedication he shows the game - he has a huge number of CoC bases, 120 as I have heard, and more than 60 of those bases are maximum level town hall 11 bases in the legend league (or they were there the last time I checked) which is impossible considering the time a player needs to max out a base, and the time he needs every day to reach the Legend League. To have 120 or more bases at that level needs 120 people! And when one person owns them he has to have gemmed at the rate of knots and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy those gems. But gemming is not enough for that kind of an empire of bases. You need people to handle the bases too.

Very recently a player complained at the SuperCell forums about Dr Mujtaba, another player who is known for his insane gemming. Dr Mujtaba says in his Youtube videos that his friends are attacking using his bases, which is against the TOS of the game. Everyone expected at least a word of condemnation from the staff but all of a sudden the thread was closed for naming and shaming which is also against the TOS. So when there’s someone who spends a lot of money which Term of the Service that matters? It’s the term that does not involve any money because the game runs only as long as an income is generated.

We Need Each Other

The truth is that despite all the TOS a game needs players for the game to continue. What happens if you start searching a builder base to attack and there are no players online? There should be millions of players online at a time in order for a base to pop up within seconds. So the gemmers exist thanks to the non gemmers. And non gemmers play the game thanks to the gemmers who contribute to the income of the developers and the maintenance of infrastructure. It’s co-existence.

Therefore, as long as you play the game and upgrade your base you will be a part of the CoC community. Buy some cheap gems from U4GOLD and stay ahead in the game at all times.


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