How to Get More Diamonds in Boom Beach


How to Get More Diamonds in Boom Beach

flyby June Jun 12, 2018

Boom Beach is a widely popular strategy game available on Android and iOS devices. In this free-to-play game, players storm the beaches of other players and artificial players to earn resources and points and this works through combining attacks against other players as well as against computer generated defenses within the game. It’s been widely popular and in part because of the stunning in game play which is set in the tropics and the idea is for the players to defend the islands and themselves using various defenses and troops.

Although the game is built on a freemium model which means the game is free to download and play; there are in game purchases available which can help you advance through the game much quicker, you can choose to play the game either as single player or it also offers the ability to attack other players in multi-player mode using the same map within the game. Recently we have seen an influx of similar games built on the same model, but beach boom was the original in terms of this type of game play and in fact it has been in the top 10 games list for 24 different countries at it’s initial launch and for a substantial time after this.

Diamonds are one of these resources, but they aren’t as available as some of the others. However, they are some of the most needed resources in the game, as using them can help you level up and upgrade your own beach to fend off attackers.

The game allows you to purchase more Boom Beach diamonds, but they can often be expensive or come in too few of an amount. So let’s take a look at a few ways that you can get more boom beach diamonds and advance you game play and increase your overall stats.



You will be awarded diamonds for achievements.

Like any great game these days the developers have created some great in play options which means when you unlock certain in game achievements you are rewarded with more diamonds. These can be found in the top left corner of the screen where you will see a ‘star’ icon and within this you will find various achievements which can be unlocked, when unlocked these will give you access to some great diamond bounties, there are an endless supply of these achievements which can be unlocked so as soon as you find one make sure you unlock them so the next can appear.

Agent Recharge

Boom Beach Diamonds

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This buying method grants access to an agent that works for who will load your diamonds to your account. All you have to do is provide your password and account, your character’s name, and the number of diamonds you currently have.

Don’t worry, your account information will be deleted after the transaction is complete. This option is available to both Android and iOS users.

Buy Boom Beach Diamonds

Boom Beach Diamonds

Best prices at U4Gold!

There are some great platforms out there where you can buy beach diamonds from but there are a ton of reasons to buyBoom Beach diamonds on sale with

To begin, is the best place to buy these diamonds on a discount. If you have ever visited the “buy more diamonds” tab in the game, you will notice a significant price difference. For example, on iOS devices, a “box of diamonds” containing 6,500 diamonds, will cost you $49.99. On, you can find them for $42.49.

Another great reason to purchase from is because you won’t have to worry about the legality of your transactions. Because has global partners that provide virtual goods in bulk, the site can afford to offer these discounts to their customers, making it a legal way to obtain more diamonds for less money.

Downloading the Game

Not many players are aware of this but when you 1st download the game you are actually given 500 free boom beach diamonds to begin you play with, make sure you use them wisely.

Game Play


Claim diamonds through defense

Good game play will make sure your stock of beach boom diamonds never depletes, for example if you’re on the attack and you manage to destroy enemy bases then you will receive various amounts of diamonds as rewards, conversely if you’re defending your base you will also be given more diamonds depending on how good your defense techniques are and how well you are able to repel the enemy forces.

Self Recharge

All you have to do is provide your email address. will provide you with an apple ID and password for an account that will have the necessary funds to purchase the diamonds directly from the Boom Beach app. After you add the diamonds to your game, you can switch back to your own account and continue playing.



Find diamonds by using the submarine.

The game play includes the use of an awesome little yellow submarine, the idea is to use this submarine to dive to depths and discover hidden treasures under water. Not all of the underwater chests will contain diamonds but a significant amount of them will and the more underwater exploring you undertake with your submarine the more diamonds you will discover.

Supply Boat Daily Reward

Supply Boat Daily Reward

Get more diamonds with higher rank.

Once a day you should visit your port on the game map, the reason is a supply boat will drop off various supplies for you and depending on your metal count you will receive X number of items and diamonds in return. Keep an eye out for your daily reward!

Task Force OP Reward

Task Force OP Reward

Join TF to Get Rich on OP Rewards!

Join a TASK FORCE and you will receive a reward after each operation. You can choose rewards between resources or diamonds. The more difficult the operation and the more force points your task force achieves in an operation, the more diamonds there will be! But it is scaled depends on your XP level. That means the higher your level, the more diamonds you will receive.

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests

Collect the Diamonds on the Map.

The map is absolutely littered with hidden treasure chests, once you find one of these open the chest and you will be rewarded with various amount of boom beach diamonds. There are a few tricks to keep in mind here, for example it’s worth checking areas of the map you have already visited as the treasure chests will re-appear at random times and also make sure that your radar is always updated and this will give you the best chance in finding these treasure chests.

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