How Do I Get Gold and Food Faster in Clash of Kings?


How Do I Get Gold and Food Faster in Clash of Kings?

Ivica Milaric Jun 01, 2018

Gathering resources is often something people playing games find troublesome. The same is even more prominent in massive multiplayer games, where this process is known as grinding - if the player wants to advance further, he or she has to work for it. Clash of Kings is an incredible game that is enjoyed by millions all over the world, but the same process is present in it as well. As a massive multiplayer strategy, resource gathering is a huge part of its gameplay. While its economy and resources are easy to understand, the process of improving and upkeeping the troops becomes harder and harder as time goes by.

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Troops in the game utilize food, and without it they can either die or disband. Unlike food, the gold resource is used for different processes, mainly with the upgrades, building, and research, but it is still equally important. In fact, no one can advance very far without having access to a constant stream of Clash of Kings Gold. Both of these resources can end up being very scarce for the players. While resources continue to come in, their amounts are not enough for most players’ needs. Because of this, many players are desperate to find a way to get Clash of Kings resources in a faster and easier manner. Luckily, this does not have to be the case.

Clash of Kings Gold

Clash of Kingsis not all about fighting.

Using a bit of the right information and some successful but less known strategies, anyone can make sure their resource counters stay in great shape, especially food and gold. Here are several tried-and-tested means of making sure a player can get both food and gold in a faster and more effective manner.

The Basics of Resource Gathering

In Clash of Kings, the players send their troops to gather resources using the World Map. There are different tiles, all of which correspond to a particular resource. For example, a Lumber Yard produces wood. However, in this particular guide, the topics are food and gold. Food is generated from Farm tiles, while Gold Mine tiles produce gold. All of the plots have a n of different levels, which is why higher level plots house a higher amount of a particular resource. But, in spite of this, the speed with which a player gathers these resources remains the same regardless the particular level of the plot. Because of this, plots with higher level do not bring resources any faster than those of the lowest level. In spite of this, a higher level tile closer to the castle is still a better choice for resource gathering because they will stop the player from traveling too much and wasting time this way.

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Every stage requires resources.

Indirectly Boosting the Speed of Gathering Food and Gold

Once the Farm and Gold Mine plots with the highest available level are chosen, the next step in the acquisition of Clash of Kings cheap resources can begin. While these resources are not exactly literally cheaper, they can be gathered faster, making the player more effective. This process is achieved through two factors. The first one is the Troop Load and the second one consists of the Marching Speed. Troop load boosts how much the player’s troops can carry, while Marching Speed shortened the time they spend traveling. Both of these are indirect means of improving gathering efficiency for all resources, including food and gold. Yet, they are not the only ones who can make gathering more effective.

Directly Boosting Gathering Speed for Resources and Daily Quests

Active boosts are produced from skills and items, which is how gathering speed can be boosted. Here is how it functions. Firstly, a player should start getting at their Alliance Supermine with all of their available troops. The process will take 24 hours to complete or a whole day. But this Clash of Kings Gold and Food gathering trick begins after 12 hours have passed. At that point, there are still 12 hours left of regular gathering. But, in the 13th hour, the player should use the Insane gathering boost that will double the gathering speed.

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However, inside of finishing in six hours, the gathering will end almost instantly. Some believe this is a glitch at the Clash of Kings programming, while others see it as a genuine trick. In any case, this is a sure way for getting Clash of Kings cheap gold and food. Finally, a direct means of boosting resource availability is to use the Daily Rewards. This is not a speed boosting trick, but it will still leave a player with more resources, especially gold, than the state of their balance before they utilized this feature. Because of this, the Daily quests rewards should be used constantly.

Best Units for Faster Resource Gathering

It is important to perceive all units in Clash of Kings are a complex balance of all of their statistical elements. Troop Load and Matching Speed were already mentioned, but these are not the same in all of the units. For the most effective resource gathering, there are basically three ideal units. The first one is the Assault Karts or Chariot with Great Troop Load of 25. These should be the top priority for gathering gold and food, just as much as any other resource. Then there is the Spearman which is an Infantry unit that has a Troop Load of 11. Finally, there is the Longbowman unit with the Troop Load of 10.

Clash of Kings

All units have a range of abilities.

All of these provide a good balance of unit upkeep costs, the number of resources they can carry, and their speed. On the other side of this specter are units that are bad for resource gathering. A good example of these is the Cavalry unit. This unit is fast, but has a low Troop Load and is very expensive in terms of upkeep. As a rule of thumb for effective Clash of Kings Gold and food gathering, the players should not train their troops for battle but for their building needs.

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Boosting production of resources in Clash of Kings is not always a simple matter. This means that Clash of King Gold and food do not come easy or fast. Often, the same process will require some out-of-the-box thinking, but with these ideas, anyone can slowly start to generate more food and gold. With these resources on their side, any player will be free to start their road to glory in this great massive multiplayer game.


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