Guideline for Fortnite Newbie: Attributes of Submachine Gun


Guideline for Fortnite Newbie: Attributes of Submachine Gun

Rachill Aug 12, 2018

The Submachine Gun got a crazy boost in the new Fortnite season 5 update! So how powerful are these submachine guns? Let me explain.


Tip 1: The recommended submachine gun sequence:

Compact Gun > Submachine Gun > Suppressed Submachine Gun > Drum Gun

Tip 2: Compact Gun works better than the other submachine guns while it is kind of rare. So you must keep it in your bag if you loot it!

Tip 3: Only the suppressed submachine gun has the accuracy calibration function, which helps you get a precise shot.

Tip 4: The advantage of a submachine gun is its high stability. It's even more powerful than the shotgun. You can strafe the enemies easily. Absolutely an epic close combat weapon.

Tip 5: Submachine guns are only fit for short distance.

Like the other weapons in Fortnite, equipment increases in quality from white to green to blue to purple to orange, in that order. The higher the level of the gun, the higher the damage of the firearms, the shorter the time for changing the bombs, and the rarer it the weapon is.


Now you know SMG is not as weak as before! Let's get more familiar with these weapons and win more battles!

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