Get More Diamonds in Boom Beach


Get More Diamonds in Boom Beach

Suhail Jun 04, 2018

Boom Beach is a free to play mobile game available on both Android and iOS platforms. It is the brainchild of Supercell who also made the world-famous Clash of Clans. The idea is pretty much the same, there is an action-packed battle. However, the developers have shifted their focus from the world of fantasy to white sandy beaches of a tropical island. The graphics are clearly a lot better than they were in Clash of Clans and the gameplay is still based on you building a home base and carrying out attacks from there on other bases. To make progress in the game you need diamonds. How can you get more diamonds in Boom Beach? For that, we need to dig deep into the story and its gameplay functions.

Boom Beach

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Story & Gameplay

Boom Beach? has a very unclear story. There are no chat rooms, so you can’t talk to other players. This is a big letdown but we hope once the game has enough players, there will be some sort of interaction mechanism. At the start of the game, there is a short sequence that explains an evil enemy, known as the Blackguard, is taking over islands of native people and enslaving them to do their bidding. You are the hero, as you battle the evil warlord and his soldiers to free captured islands and the enslaved people (you have to keep on doing that as the opposition forces are always plotting to seize islands). The Islanders in return pay homage to you in the form of wood and gold.

Boom Beach Diamonds

A beginner’s base where you can use Diamonds to build defenses.

However, not all the islands you visit are under the dominion of Blackguard. Throughout the vast map, you will encounter some island bases that are controlled by real players, just like you. These players are termed as ‘mercenaries’ working for Blackguard. They are similar to other islands and you have to destroy them completely to earn loot in the form of resources. There is no element of hit and run allowing you to collect loot from storages like it was in Clash of Clans. If you cannot destroy the enemy base, you get absolutely nothing. The antithesis? You can also get attacked by other players, so you need to develop your base and constantly improve its defenses to ward off possible marauders.

Why You Need Diamonds

To some of you, it might seem that Supercell has tried to imitate Clash of Clans in many aspects, and why not? It amassed huge profits for Supercell earning as much as $3 million in a day with in-app purchases. Boom Beach also has a special currency in the form of ‘Diamonds’. However, its use is vastly different. While in Clash of Clans, diamonds are used to buy shields that protect you against invaders, in Boom Beach, the idea is to use them to speed up the building process of the base which includes leveling up your base, training troops, and doing armory research quickly.

Boom Beach

The map where random treasure chests appear.

You are constantly tempted to use the diamonds, especially at the start, to give a boost to the agonizingly slow upgrade process. Talking about building upgrades, the biggest disadvantage with Boom Beach is that you cannot buy more builders or assign your existing builders more than one building task. Every builder can take one task at a time. This makes the game slow and even uninteresting unless obviously, you have diamonds to speed up things.? ?

The deeper you go into the game, the longer it takes for the upgrades to be completed and the more diamonds are required. If you want to complete your job quickly, you have to spend some real money. Fortunately, there are other relatively easier ways to collect diamonds such as from treasure chests that randomly appear on the map or by achieving game milestones (like upgrading your base to level 3).

Boom Beach

Easier ways of getting Diamonds.

Waiting is not an option, as there is a constant threat of being attacked by other players or by Blackguard. You literally have to be offensive and take the charge to have an upper hand at all times. And for that you need diamonds. How would it be if I told you can get these Boom Beach Diamonds cheaply? Let’s find out:

Best Way to Get Diamonds

Enter the in-game store. Here you see various options such as hiring extra builders or instant troops. The diamonds, on the other hand, are available in different packages which cost from $1 to $100. But what if I told you there is another way, a cheaper way to get the same amount of diamonds? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is true! No, I am not going to tell you a cheat code for infinite diamonds. That would be unrealistic and might get your account banned. I will talk about a brilliant platform called U4Gold that gives you the same amount of diamonds at a discounted price. And since you really need these diamonds to progress, it isn’t a bad deal.

Boom Beach Diamonds

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Let me tell you a bit more about U4Gold and how it works. U4Gold came into being as a result of intense research and hard work of some gamers who wanted a hassle-free system, whereby they could make in-app purchases safe, legal and most importantly cheap. How does U4Gold do that? The answer is simple; they purchase game currencies in large quantities to get discounts and then pass that to you in the form of low prices.

Make an account at, login to your account, make the payment using your preferred method and get Boom Beach Diamonds on sale. The website supports all safe payment modes like PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and more. By choosing the website, you save around 25% on your purchases. Furthermore, the currency purchases are not limited to just one game. At U4Gold, you can buy game currencies for many other famous games like Clash of Clans, FIFA 2017, Lords Mobile and others.


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