Easy Ways to Get Elixir, Gold, and Dark Elixir from Events and Looting


Easy Ways to Get Elixir, Gold, and Dark Elixir from Events and Looting

Indike Roussen May 19, 2018

Looting resources is the main part in farming. But there are strategies that you can follow in collecting your resources. One may think the collection of resources is just as simple as taking a good army and attacking a base, but there’s more to the story of resources than a simple attack with your strongest army.

When I was in town hall 4 and 5 I wasted almost all of my gems by boosting resource collectors with them, until I met a player who was kind enough to look at my little base and advise me that gemming like that makes no sense. Then I realized that I was gemming until the next enemy attack

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Have you ever wondered what events let you earn resources without effort? I mean without ANY effort? They do. Imagine you have a space of 220 troops. During a dragon event you can make them for 10% of the cost. So you can go on looting resources as much as you like, but at the end of the event you get that opportunity of getting effortless elixir. Make full camps of dragons minutes before the event ends. Your cost will be 10%. And after the event, remove the second camp for a 100% refund. You get a profit of 90%! Has anyone ever given you that tip?

It doesn’t end there. With dragons you get a cheap spell too. And that will add more profit. And then donate the dragons in your first camp. If you are in a level 9 clan you will be refunded at 50% again. Can you imagine how much profit you can make from this method?

And then think of a dark elixir event. That’s the favourite event of many players. A valk event would let you go up in your trophy level, and loot a lot of dark elixir. The effortless dark elixir that comes at the end of the event would add to your joy as well as your storages.

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I would like to discuss another mistake many players make. After going to Champions league some players continue the ascent until they reach the Legend. But if you are not ready to go there why should you stay on Champion’s? Just come down to Crystal where the loot is. And on your descent take some good loot with goblins without just dropping the queen to reduce your trophies.

There are great farming troop combinations available. But at the Crystal I would say nothing beats a good queen walk and goblins. Throw in some giants and wiz in to the mix, and all the loot will be yours. The good thing about queen walk, giant, wiz, and goblins combo is that you can control your trophies too. If you want to win, you can win, and if you want to lose you can lose, still getting all the loot in the base.

Remember, 500k resources with an army that cost you 450k is not a good deal. At the end you have only made a mere 50k. But 500k made with all goblins is pure profit, and that’s where your resource storages start to fill.


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My advice to you is that always try different armies then choose yours. Then improve your looting using that army. You can always try new combinations, but there should be one that is best for you.

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