Why Should You Play Path of Exile?


Why Should You Play Path of Exile?

Unseen Dec 22, 2018

So you wake up in the morning and you notice that one of your friends plays POE aka Path of Exile, you do some googling on your own and you find out that it is another MMORPG style game. You end up not playing it because those games are boring nowadays. Let me tell you that you have made a big mistake. Not only you assume that POE is a typical MMORPG but you also assume that grinding games are boring.

From my personal experience, after +1000 hours of playing, I still have not got a moment when I got bored of playing.

And there are reasons why POE is so great:

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  • you make your own build (by combining gems and choosing the right passive tree skills).
  • non-boring levelling system lvl 1 - 70 (story); lvl 71 - 100 (maps)
  • after level 70 you play maps filled with enemies and a boss also, the maps can be upgraded to make them more rewarding
  • active community and developers (new league every ≈ 3 months)
  • fun to play (this also depends on your build and your skill) (satisfying crit animations, great soundtrack, great story, amazing combat mechanics).
  • many servers, as such you will have an optimal gaming experience
Why Should You Play Path of Exile

The passive skill tree.

  • multiplayer, (cool party - interactions) the party can be up to 4 people:
    usually one has a build for boss-killing, one or two have aoe build and one can have aura bot build (buffer).
  • the game has items which can be: unique - rare - magic - normal
  • item filters (if familiar with programming, you can make an item filter of your own)
  • free to play
  • you can get items that you normally have to pay by playing and completing challenges
  • there is no in-game predefined currency, as such the community chose all items that have an effect on others as currency
  • cool in-game character and skills customizations
  • amazing graphics and art.
  • challenging (i.e hardcore mode; not recommended for beginners).
Why Should You Play Path of Exile

Some of the gems in the game.


  • sometimes there will be some spike lags from the server
  • on hardcore some mobs can one shot you and thus you lose the character or hardcore mode and it will be transplanted in the normal mode.
  • since there is no limit on how your build can function, some builds can get laggy, very laggy.
  • there is a thing called crushing the game by having too many items on the screen at once. (can be fixed by choosing an item filter)
  • you only have 4 stash tabs which get full relatively fast, you only get more when you buy them with real money.
Why Should You Play Path of Exile

An example of the many items on the screen.

Keep in mind that the cons will be relevant once you have more than 100 hours in, so until that point you will havea lovely gaming experience.


If you want to play MMORPG games but you are bored of that repetitive action of levelling and grinding, then tryout Path of Exile.

POE is a great game that tests your ability to make builds and powerful characters. And if you are not as good at that part, you can always follow an online guide or build.

Have fun and grind away!

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