Red Faction Guerilla Remastered Review


Red Faction Guerilla Remastered Review

U4Gold Dec 05, 2018

Red Faction Guerilla follows Alec Mason, a miner and demolitionists expert working on the planet Mars. In thefuture, humans have teraformed Mars in order to breathe its air and harvest its resources. An oppressive force knownas the EDF constantly violate worker's rights, even killing them when they step out of line. A rebellion group knownas the Red Faction hope to liberate the numerous sectors of Mars from EDF control. When the EDF turn on Mason andattempt to kill him, he is forced to join the Red Faction and overthrow the faceless corporation.

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All told, the narrative in Red Faction Guerilla leaves a bit to be desired. Besides Alec, most characters arewritten thinly. We never get enough backstory or emotional attachment to truly care for the rest of the cast. Thegame seems to know this, as it mainly uses the narrative as a loose structure for its explosive gameplay. You'll grabmissions from Red Faction outposts, and occasionally team up with a character or two. Besides this, most of the storyis relegated to low quality cut-scenes that have not been re-mastered in the slightest.

Ultimately, the story is good enough to propel you to the next mission. Unfortunately, it lacks any lasting poweror emotional resonance. When it works, it adds a layer onto the exciting gameplay. When it fails, it's ineffectiveand a bit boring, but never outright bad.

Red Faction Guerilla Remastered

Smash buildings to the ground with the sledgehammer.

The moment to moment gameplay is where Red Faction Guerrilla truly shines. Your missions will mostly have youexploring various camps and outposts scattered around Mars' landscape. Regardless of the narrative reason for youbeing there, the outcome is usually the same. Using your trusty sledgehammer and your innate ability with remoteexplosives, you'll absolutely level buildings and structures with glee. Alec Mason is a bit brutal too, as you cangauge with enemies using a variety of weapons including the aforementioned sledgehammer.

The third person shooting is good, but if you find yourself firing more bullets then blowing up bombs, you'remissing the point of the game. Red Faction Guerrilla revels in its destruction, and this is reinforced by a fantasticdynamic physics engine that realistically reacts to your damage on buildings. Even now, almost a decade after itsoriginal release, Red Faction Guerrilla still stands as the best display of dynamic environment destruction in videogames. Sure, the map can feel a bit barren at times and the missions can get repetitive, but blowing up buildingswith reckless abandon never gets old.

Red Faction Guerilla Remastered

Mars is represented quite realistically in the game.

Speaking of the world, the land of Mars is a rocky in sandy place, and that is represented quite realistically inthis game. Besides the various work sites and military encampments that crop up, the vast majority of landscape is abit empty. While you do spend a bit of time traversing the map in a vehicle, the general emptiness of the map wasn'tthat big of an issue. The treks from mission to mission can be a bit annoying, but luckily there are random mineralores and collectibles to discover along the way. The game also populates its map with a variety of side missions tocomplete, but most of them are just different variations on five different kinds of mission types. After the first 20or so of these activities I found myself passing them over on the map unless they were necessary to progress in themain story. If you find yourself really enjoying the game and want more content after you've beaten the main story,these activities will definitely provide that for you. However, I found them to be mostly filler and a bit tedious.

Red Faction Guerilla Remastered

One of the drawbacks is the game’s bland color scheme

As a re-master, Red Faction Guerrilla performs the best it can. Some textures have been updated, and the game runssmoothly at high frame rates on the more powerful consoles. Generally speaking, the game looks pretty crisp. Unlikeother re-masters like the recent Call of Duty Modern Warfare, you're not going to convince anyone that this game isfrom the modern era. Although the game looks nice and performs well, it still looks a bit archaic which is certainlynot aided buy it arguably bland color scheme. Unless powerful consoles there's some occasional pop-in, but that'sabout the worst of it.

Red Faction Guerilla Remastered

Multi-player servers can sometimes be underpopulated.

At the time of review, the multiplayer servers for the online portion of the game we're barely populated. Althoughmore people popped up in time, the long matchmaking times are painful sign that this game will not have a resurgenceand online community. This is disappointing, because I rather enjoy the obviously dated and unbalanced competitivegameplay that it offers. Although there's definitely a skill level involved in success, the frantic and explosivemultiplayer modes seemed prioritize fun over seriousness. I was lucky enough to enjoy a dozen or so matches withfriends, but this was only when the multiplayer portion was agreeing with us. Throughout our rough time with theonline multiplayer, we had trouble finding the same matches, people kept losing connection, and the whole experiencewas generally underwhelming. When we finally did get into a game, we were all enjoying ourselves quite a bit. Moreoften though, we would get tired of waiting 5 minutes to find a match and call it quits for the night.

Red Faction Guerilla Remastered

Explosions is one part of the game that makes it exciting.

Overall, Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mastered is it decent enough excuse to hop back in to a pretty fun action gamefrom yesteryear. The age of the title is painfully obvious in some areas, most notably it's lackluster story, emptyfeeling map, and repetitive missions structure. However, the core gameplay is so compelling and enjoyable that thisall didn't seem to matter. Most of my time with the game was spent gloriously detonating remote explosives and firingoff rocket launchers with joy. There's a certain fun factor to the game that has been sorely missing in most modernaction shooters. For me, the raw enjoyment of the gameplay keeps this title above mediocrity despite itsshortcomings. It might not be the flashiest or most well-executed re-master I've seen, but it's still a hell of a lotof fun.

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