Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox Review


Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox Review

Robbie Stevens May 14, 2019

Pixel Worlds is a colorful, 2D sandbox MMO developed by award-winning indie game studio Kukouri Mobile Entertainment. Borrowing similar themes and concepts inherent from other games, Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox doesn't scream of originality. But instead, the game competently taps into players’ desires. And thus, allowing them to get their creative juices flowing. Much like Minecraft, in many respects.

On that note, Pixel Worlds is no genre-beater by any stretch. That said, there's plenty of fun to be extracted from this charming little indie sandbox. A game bolstered further, by a loyal and robust community of like-minded gamers.

Concerning accessibility, Pixel Worlds: MMO sandbox leads by example. As a cross-platform multiplayer experience, players can get together. And, enjoy the game, whether that's from a handheld device or a new port to PC via the gaming service Steam.

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Either way, this ability to play with friends without device restriction is a bonus. And, benefits the community long term. Before we dive into the game itself, we should highlight the free-to-play model. In my book, this practice is always commendable.

What's more, it can only help to strengthen and serve the fanbase over time. Besides, it's a great way to garner trust right off the bat. Instant monetization can lead to growth issues down the line.

From a visual standpoint, Pixel worlds: MMO sandbox, like the name suggests, ultimately adopts a retro aesthetic. A style that no doubt divides opinion. But for me, the vibrant color scheme, clunky-pixels, and fuzzy textures are befitting of the genre it upholds.

Plays in the realm of a vibrant-colored, clunky-pixeled, fuzzy textured genre.

As stated before, Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox at its heart, is a self-creation game. Much like Minecraft and Growtopia. But also, it includes economic concepts found in other games like Terrarria. Whereby, players can trade in-game items with other players for currency.

The best thing about this idea is that the seller determines the deal. And, this limits the chance of scammers. Albeit, these do exist in the game world. Though that may be true, the option to trade with live players keeps the healthy community connected. Meaning, the rotten eggs won't stale the game for long.

Not everything centers around trade though. The main draw factor when it comes to Pixel Worlds: MMO sandbox is the sheer number of creative tools and options at your disposal. Yes, the repetitive cycle of farm, trade, and build exercises, do begin to grind after a while. But really, it's only bound by the limitations of your imagination. All in all, this liberty to exercise free will injects creativity, ingenuity, and inspiration at every turn.

With the option to create a host of various structures, farm to your heart's content, trade and team up with online players. Scale your character, and tackle dungeons, Pixel Worlds offers up a globe of possibilities. Even if, those options amount to tropes used countless times in other games.

With that in mind, Pixel Worlds: MMO sandbox is no trailblazer. Despite that fact, it is another solid rendition of the ever-growing MMO sandbox genre. Indeed, worth the venture for fans of the niche. Or just those who enjoy a more casual style of game.

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