MapleStory 2 - A Classic Multiplayer Wrapped in a 3D gameplay


MapleStory 2 - A Classic Multiplayer Wrapped in a 3D gameplay

Suhail Oct 24, 2018

Maplestory 2 is a free-to-play online role-playing title with awesome multiplayer features you have most probably experienced in top games like Blade or Final Fantasy XIV. Designed by NSquare in collaboration with Nexon and NCSoft, the game was released worldwide on 10 October 2018. It was first released in Korea on 7 July 2015 for Microsoft Windows Users. Later, Nexon announced the launch of a closed beta on 18 July. Similar to its predecessor, Maplestory, it entails stark resemblance to different multiplayer attributes adored by game aficionados. These are manifested in the new locations, mobs, Maple world characteristics, and NPCs.

MapleStory 2

A studding 3D environment is an upgrade from the original Maplestory.


The highlight of the title is its stunning '3D' environment that has all the player's anticipation soaring. The gameplay takes engaging features from the prequel and presents them in a catchy 3D backdrop. Interesting, right? This massively multiplayer role-playing video game requires you to take on monsters and opponents in fierce dungeon fights to build your character and move onto higher levels. The primary purpose is to fight evil, save the world, augment your character's abilities, collect reward points and level up.

The story features the same lovable Maple world with its memorable characters and evil monsters ready for a 'win it all' encounter. You will get to notice many modern MMORPG features in the gameplay that have been used to enhance the dynamics of the story. You will be excited to see the new vivid block-based look, the snazzy Maple world all done in 3D cubes instead of the pixel-based look from Maplestory. In the beginning, you may mistake it for Minecraft only with bright colors but seriously, it is Maplestory 2. It has its own spin on things with the 3D game world, the cool aesthetics, and the characters you loved in the earlier installment.

MapleStory 2

Slay monsters in the new Maple World.


While gamers enjoyed fighting monsters and slaying ferocious enemies in the Maple World on a single map, the sequel gets a diverse quest map. If you thought battling a monster for hours in the same map was a bit pallid and monotonous, then the challenging quests in Maplestory 2 will flay that notion. These story-based battles are essential to collect points needed to move up levels in order to win. Just like in Final Fantasy XIV (another popular title in this genre), your character gains points and abilities naturally as you complete gritty quests, win battles and evade monster attacks.

The game's exciting storyline and play are designed to test your resource management skills and battling prowess aside from strategic planning and prudence. You are required to gather resources to step up your character's defensive capabilities and strengthen them so you can win against more expert and experienced opponents. Contrary to the first installment, where you depend on a pet to refill your health bar automatically, Maplestory 2 requires you to keep a check on these vitals on your own. You must monitor your 'spirit' levels and track your mana in order to step up your character's position and performance. You need to be more cautious and put your skills to the best use to keep your health & spirit levels optimum. Challenging, isn’t it?

Compared to other MMO's however, the gameplay offers an undemanding platform to manage your resources. The skill rotations required to keep your mana levels filled are not too difficult either. On the other hand, the combats in Maplestory 2 are a bit hard requiring deliberation, quick-wit, attention, and strategic maneuvering. These are not mind-boggling because of the 3D environment, which allows you to stay hooked onto your screens as you pull stunts like dodging area-of-effect skills on the map and optimizing your spirit forces. The better you are at these skills, the higher are your chances of leveling up in the quirky game.

Maplestory 2

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The graphics are comparable to the brilliant aesthetics found in similar games in the genre like Blade or Twin Saga. The evil monsters, spooky dungeons, cutsie block-based Maple world and lively characters offer a sharp yet contrasting real-life look & feel. The three-dimensional backdrop, distinct classes for playing and familiar characters are enough to draw gamers to this highly addictive multiplayer title.

You will also notice more character customization options in the sequel, especially for the 'selection of looks' in the character creation page along with the elimination of gender-locked classes. Play as a deadly monster or take on the role of a formidable warrior. Customize & start fighting!  It also features the popular 'Cash shop' that stocks an array of impressive upgrades that you can buy for money or points earned through each level in the game.

Unlike Maplestory, this game focuses more on individuality, user engagement, and flexibility for a memorable gaming session. The screenshots feature allows you to save a screenshot of any portion on your gaming screen and gives you an option to grab your own old big house in Maplestory and customize it to make the gameplay more exciting.

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