Is it Safe to Recharge Discounted Game Gold?


Is it Safe to Recharge Discounted Game Gold?

U4Gold May 23, 2018

It is exceedingly common for gamers to choose to recharge their game accounts with discounted game gold. But in recent years, some Supercell gamers have encountered trouble with recharging gems and diamonds.

If you have ever recharged gems or diamonds for Supercell games through illegal means (i.e. hacks), you might have found out the hard way that Supercell tends to deactivate or deduct virtual goods down to negative quantities (see above picture).

If you’ve played games long enough you’ve heard game gold and other virtual goods can be recharged using every method in the book. Some third parties ask that surveys be completed, others for account details, and others still for small payments.

For safe, legal, discounted virtual goods visit U4Gold. We’re gamers helping gamers.

Our advice here is to limit your risks and use a trusted, safe, legal channel that respects your privacy and understands the importance of your game accounts. Is there a safe way to recharge discounted virtual goods?

The answer is yes, and U4Gold is your yes. How do we do it?

U4Gold has lasting partnerships with regulated bulk suppliers from around the globe that provide discounted game gold and other virtual goods at substantially discounted prices. As a result, we guarantee our customers with swift, safe, legal deliveries! Read Our Story on our FaceBook or visit our website at for more information.

Take a look at our discounts, join our growing number of customers, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised! We welcome you to register today and share our content for game vouchers. At U4Gold we’re gamers helping gamers!

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