Games to Play PlayStation Plus July


Games to Play PlayStation Plus July

Matthew Owen Jul 14, 2018

The summer months are upon us, so it's time to sit inside and enjoy tons of great games! Luckily, the Playstation Network is doling out some impressive games this month as a part of their Playstation Plus service. Between now and August, you can download seven different titles for all of your various Playstation devices. Whether you're on Playstation 4, Playstaton 3, or Playstation Vita, this month is looking good for free games. If your Playstation Plus subscription has run out, fear not! We offer discounted gift cards for the Playstation Store, which you can in turn use to renew your subscription. Don't miss out on this great games!

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1. Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (PS Vita)

Nine people awaken to find themselves trapped in a sadistic and terrifying scenario. Forced to play the “decision game”, the crew must decide who will live and die. As characters die and the story progresses, the timeline becomes split, offering an incredible amount of replay ability to match the expansive story.

his psychological thriller follows the story of multiple characters

his psychological thriller follows the story of multiple characters.

2. Heavy Rain (PS4)

This psychological thriller follows the story of multiple characters, all centered around a serial killer and missing children. You play from the perspective of a grieving father, a disgruntled private detective, an FBI agent, and more. Using your powers of deduction and quick-time-events, you'll experience a creepy and exciting drama that will resonate well with any fans of crime stories. There's one big difference between Heavy Rain and other games; if your character dies, they're dead for the rest of the game. If one of the playable characters dies due to one of your choices or failure to act, the story will continue on. This means that there are numerous endings to the game, and you'll have to play smart to achieve the “true” ending. Don't wait; jump into this dark and twisted crime story today.

3. Extreme Exorcism (PS3 & PS4)

In this paranormal themed platformer, every movement you make comes back as a ghost in subsequent levels. You'll have to outsmart your own movements and stay sharp to keep alive.

Deep, complex fighting mechanics well worth the time.

Deep, complex fighting mechanics well worth the time.

4. Absolver (PS4)

Using martial arts to beat up enemies is fun. Exploring an online world is also fun. Combine those two together and you have Absolver, the second free title that will be available in July. In the game, you hone your craft as a martial artist, exploring the rich and vibrant world at your leisure. In it, you'll encounter various missions and activities, as well as dedicated areas for player-versus-player combat. As you progress through the game you'll learn new combos and attacks, edging closer and closer to becoming a grand master of fighting. Although the game can be a bit difficult to pick up at first, the deep and complex fighting mechanics make the time investment to learn well worth it.

Discounted PSN cards at U4Gold

Discounted PSN cards at U4Gold.

5. Rayman 3 (PS3)

For you Playstation 3 owners, experience the wonderful and colorful world of Rayman. This third entry in the classic trilogy is tons of fun, and a great callback to the 64-bit era.

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