Five Reasons to Play Resident Evil 2


Five Reasons to Play Resident Evil 2

Matthew Owen Apr 03, 2019

The Resident Evil franchise sunk its undead teeth into the gaming public back on the original PlayStation. The first game, simply titled "Resident Evil", coined the term "survival horror" and cemented itself as the best game in the genre. Fans of the game had their hopes high when Resident Evil 2 released a few years later. The hype was warranted, as Resident Evil 2 has gone down as one of the best entries in this dozen-plus game franchise. Now, long after it's original release, Resident Evil 2 has received a modern makeover in a masterful remake, also titled "Resident Evil 2." This remake offers players the same story and characters as the original, with some much needed gameplay and camera improvements. When it comes to remakes, Resident Evil 2 is a masterpiece. Here are five reasons why.

    1. It Doesn't Change Too Much

Although there have been a hefty amount of changes to the controls and camera (more on that later), the Resident Evil 2 remake keeps a lot of stuff the same. Most importantly, it retains the "route" system and two playable characters, Leon and Claire. This offers a similar but distinct experience when playing it for the second time, offering new story content and gameplay. The two-character story is the core of Resident Evil 2's narrative, so it's a good thing it remains unchanged in the remake.

The story and gameplay change.

    2.The Map is Excellent

Resident Evil 2 is all about exploring rooms, collecting items, and trying to survive the entire time. Because you're often low on resources, it's important to have a good idea of where you're headed. Luckily, the new map system in Resident Evil 2 makes exploring the world a breeze. The layout is easy to understand and read, and rooms are labeled. Once you've entered a room, it will change colors on your map as well, depending on whether you've discovered all the room has to collect. This is incredibly useful as you attempt to solve puzzles and track down elusive items. Additionally, the map does a good job denoting what keys are required for certain doors, and which rooms are currently locked. This makes pathfinding quick and painless.

An easy to use map.

    3. Gameplay has Received a Modern Touch

The original Resident Evil 2 was highly acclaimed at the time of its original release, mostly due to the tense atmosphere, challenging gameplay, and interesting puzzles. However, there were a few aspects of the game that weren't the best. These issues have been addressed in the remake, namely the camera angles and player perspective. In the original game, you would be forced to navigate with static camera angles. In addition, the game utilized “tank controls”, which made the main character unwieldy and awkward to control. The remake of Resident Evil 2 trades in those aged mechanics for something more in line with modern Resident Evil titles like Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. The game plays from an over-the-shoulder third-person perspective, and the controls have been updated to modern expectations. This truly makes the experience that much better, as the game's tense moments are no longer stilted by awkward movement.

Over the shoulder gameplay is an upgrade!

    4. It's Still as Scary and Gory as Ever

The Resident Evil franchise is well known for being absolutely terrifying and a total gore-fest. This Resident Evil 2 remake amps up the blood and guts, and doubles down on the atmosphere with incredible lighting and graphics. With the new RE Engine, Resident Evil 2's graphics are astoundingly crisp, and the lighting effects set the mood for each new room and location. The creeping dread of finding the next zombie enemy is only toppled by the intense adrenaline of battling them off. Resident Evil 2 is a horrifying game through and through, and that's due in part to the updated visuals.

The blood and gore remain.

    5. There's a Ton of Replayability

Like the original game, Resident Evil 2 doesn't stop when the credits roll for the first time. As mentioned before, the game employs an interesting “route” mechanic, which encourages you to experience the game a second time. After your second playthrough, you'll unlock an additional bonus mode as well. In fact, it seems that with every new completion, Resident Evil 2 offers a fun bonus or reward. Completing the game quickly enough unlocks rare and over-powered weapons, as does finishing the game with the highest rank. Resident Evil 2 contains a baked-in ranking system, which judges your performance as you play. Earning the highest rank is tough, but fun to attempt. All these various features and additional modes make it easy to replay the game again and again, with each repeated playthrough feeling surprisingly fresh and enjoyable.

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