Devil May Cry 5


Devil May Cry 5

El Gamer Cosplayer Apr 11, 2019

Game: Devil May Cry 5 [PC – Xbox One - PS4]

Genre: Hack n' Slash

Developer: Capcom

Release Date: March 8th, 2019


Back in the early PS2 Games, Capcom scrapped a Resident Evil project that was too action-oriented to be part of its new successful survival horror series, and turned into the Demon Slaying adventure “DMC”. Now, about 18 years later, we have the 5th installment.

Gameplay – 8.0

Devil May Cry has always been about chaining together long stylish combos, and being rewarded for slashing, shooting and blowing away as many demons as you could without taking damage. This new entry is no different, and while you start out with only a few basic abilities, pretty soon you'll be able to dispose of hell's minions by unleashing tons of attacks in a cool way.

The premise of each mission is the same, enter an area, it gets surrounded by a black magic barrier, defeat all monsters to keep going, enter a new area, repeat. Of course as you go on, more powerful Satan's soldiers will try to stop you, and the hordes of demonic creatures that are after your blood will be bigger and bigger the longer you advance; but of course, you'll also be stronger and it shouldn't be too hard for a legendary Demon Hunter to complete each task.

The demon hunter is still at work.

There is some exploration to be done in the stages. Besides getting red crystals by beating enemies in long combos (to be able to buy new skills, items and weapon improvements) you can also get some hidden around the stages. There are also green crystals that replenish your health, and pieces of a blue crystal that make your health bar longer, so be sure to look around a little bit.

At the end of each mission, you'll face an end boss (usually a big demon lord) and after a really long and tiring battle, you'll hunt it and get going.

As a bonus, there are a few hidden missions that are revealed when you align witchcraft symbols in some areas, and when you complete them you'll get a reward. If not, you can try again from the main menu after you unlock them.

Graphics - 9.0

The RE Engine looks great in a fast-paced game such as DMC 5. Up close the character models are pretty detailed, and objects like water and glass reflect the light in realistic ways, without sacrificing the frame rate.

A good balance of high frame rate and quality graphics.

In PC, it actually seems to be a little more improved to boot up performance than Resident Evil 2, in order to keep the constant frame rate in the action scenes. But RE2 has better dynamic shadows and other details overall. Not like you'll pay attention since you're always running around or fighting at supersonic speeds.

Story – 8.0

Back in the early 2000's, the anime inspired story of demon hunters and such may have been “original” for a videogame, but nowadays, it has been used in so many stories that it's no longer a novelty. Still, the cuts-cenes are pretty well done and while some things look pretty crazy, they're very entertaining, like a Horror-Action B-movie of the late 80's, it may look kinda silly, but you can’t help but pay attention.

Audio - 8.0

The music and sound effects are fitting of the game, but they have nothing on classic tunes like Konami's Castlevania series. Is worth mentioning that the voice acting actually sounds professional, and characters can throw jokes without sounding cheesy. Capcom has always done a good job with the dialogues in the Resident Evil series, and at least here, they don't sound like lazy guys just reading something for the first time.

Soundtrack has nothing on Castlevania, but nonetheless still good.

Final Thoughts

If you're a fan of the series, you'll be thrilled to try a new title with a white haired dude ('cuz nobody seemed to liked Dante in the DMC reboot), and the new cyber-arm Demon Breaker is a nice addition to the series in order to make changing combos different and keep things fresh. But for other players that aren't as enthusiastic about Beat 'em Ups, it'll become repetitive after an hour or so. They'll probably wait until its asking price gets lower.

Judgement – 8.1

DMC Fans Rejoice! Beat 'em Up players check it out. Guys that like other stuff, Hack n' Slash isn't really your thing, you probably won't enjoy it as much

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