Dead or Alive 6  -- It’s Alive


Dead or Alive 6 -- It’s Alive

U4Gold Jul 16, 2018

Fists, fighting and flesh. Those are the three words which aptly describe the Dead or Alive franchise. In fact, the Dead or Alive series is not because it is a fun game to play (though I’m certain it is), not because it is a fair and balanced fighting game free of ‘comeback’ mechanism, thereby making it something almost akin to chess. Nuh – uh. The one thing which separates Dead or Alive games from their competitors are, to be blunt, its nubile women. Yes, the women of Dead or Alive have been explicitly sexualized over the years, especially back when doing so was far less socially unacceptable than it is now. We now know that, in 2018, and with Dead or Alive 6, the sexuality will be curtailed.

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The fighting game community may be busy with Dragon Ball FighterZ and Street Fighter V, and it may be even busier pretending that Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite doesn’t exist, but they’re not too busy to take notice of new entry for a series that is known for combining fighting game elements with softcore porn to the furthest tasteful extent. Dead or Alive 5, one of the video games which introduced the phrase “jiggle physics” to the gaming lexicon, was released in 2012 (it may as well have been released in the 90’s; gamers aren’t a patient bunch). I’m sure the FGC is waiting with bated testosterone for Koei Tecmo’s newest Dead or Alive entry, toned – down sexualization be damned.

Here’s something for the ladies (or the gentlemen… I don’t judge). (Source: IGN.)

The driving force behind Dead or Alive 6 will be realism. For the women, breast movements will be less... ridiculous, and more natural. The characters will sweat, profusely; in fact, as the screenshot above illustrates, they will downright glisten under the proper light. Injuries inflicted on characters will be displayed as well (I believe Mortal Kombat 9 started that trend, in its signature grotesque manner). Basically, the Dead or Alive 6 experience will be like the mixed martial arts experience: characters will be trying to kill each other, but not really. In fact, mixed martial arts are where the developers have taken inspiration from, for this game. There may also be some measure of blood.

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“Intense fighting entertainment.” This is what Koei Tecmo is promising this time around. They’re also promising, to reassess its approach to skimpy or revealing costumes, to change those costumes to something more functional and appropriate for brawling. In the announcement trailer, we see this change in direction in actions as the characters (including Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa) duke it out in what are admittedly intense cinematics. The environment also appears to be playing an active role in Dead or Alive 6; for example, there is a moment where a fighter is pushed ‘back’ into the ‘ring’ by a spectator. That’s a unique take for a fighting game which I hope is developed further.

Dead or Alive 6 will be released in early 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Steam and Xbox One. If you can’t wait to get your hands on it, why not do so at a discount? offers Gift Cards for all three systems mentioned above at discounted prices. You won’t regret buying them from their platform!

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