Clash Royale League - An Emerging eSports Giant


Clash Royale League - An Emerging eSports Giant

Ivica Milaric May 24, 2018

For over a decade, the eSports scene has been steadily gaining traction. The same is especially true during a previous couple of years when it truly became an industry with huge venture capital-funded projects. For example, Unikrn Inc. is an eSports betting platform that has been able to raise over $10 million since it started working in 2014. Its investors include business tycoon Mark Cuban, but also celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and many more prominent individuals and companies. It is only one company that showcases why the eSports ecosystem will be valued at over $1.5 billion in 2020 according to the current estimates.

Naturally, game developers have responded to this trend. Supercell, the company behind smash hits like Clash of Clans, has recently decided to enter the same space with their second most popular game - Clash Royale.This mobile game will see its eSports version in the form of Clash Royale League, an ongoing competition that will represent the official venture of the company in this industry. Stay tuned for further updates on to get discounted virtual goods as soon as they become available.

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It goes without saying that Supercell is not exactly a stranger to the eSports domain. The company has hosted several big tournaments using their latest game and has done it with much success. The Clash Royale in-game ranking system and advancement procedures work a lot like tiers of a league, so design-wise, there will be no hard work to rig it to a standard eSports bracket system. Finally, the company has been hard at work nurturing a community around the top players. In the past, players had events where they could play with the favorite decks of both famous players and streamers. Both groups are essential to creating an eSports competition in the long run and Supercell understands this fully.

When it comes to practical application of company resources towards competition, the Clash Royale Crown Championship or CRCC World Finals took place in London in 2017. At that moment, 27 million players participated across the entire world. Sergio Ramos, a Mexican Clash Royale player won that competition and attained a prize of $150,000. Supercell broke the record for the biggest cash prize dealt out at a mobile gaming tournament. However, the event the company is planning next for Clash Royale eSports will be several magnitudes bigger.

The Million Dollar League

The breaking news about the upcoming Clash Royale League is the fact that it will feature no less than $1 million in prizes for all of its competitors. However, unlike the CRCC and similar events, the players will be pooled into teams that will compete instead of acting as individual players. The teams will hold anywhere between four and six professional players and for many of them, this is the event they have been waiting for. Sergio Ramos, like many other players, quickly jumped into gaming organizations that have been creating teams.

Of course, the process of finding the league players is not that simple. During March of 2018, an in-game Clash Royale event came about and it was called Clash Royale League Challenge.There, players were required to win 20 matches by being ranked against some of the best players on the globe.

Aside from that, they had to meet some additional requirements for them to qualify. These conditions included their age as well as the ability to travel across the globe.

The end of the challenge resulted in 6,700 eligible players across all continents. The wide majority of these will never play in the Clash Royale League, but it did create a professional player base.Now, gaming organizations and self-organized teams can recruit among these players. There is no doubt that in a year’s time, some of those 6,700 players will become household names for Clash Royale fans.

Clash Royale

The Clash Royale League Challenge started all of this.

League Regions

When it comes to the practical organization of the league, there is a bit less information, but still enough to create an insight into the early days of the league.There will be four regions in the eSports and these will include China, rest of Asia, Europe and North America. Many suspect that South America and Central America will also get their regions, mainly because of their huge player base.Out of the existing ones, each region will feature a competition between eight teams. It did not take long for the pro eSports organizations to jump into this.

In Europe, SK Gaming, FNATIC, and Team Liquid are in the league, along with five other organizations. In the North America region, Cloud 9, Team Solo Mid, and 100 Thieves joined up as some of the most famous brands. These regions will start their competition in August, while the Asian leagues began their season at the end of March 2018. The final showdown will be underway somewhere in the winter of 2018/19.

There is no talk where it will take place, but it is sure that the location of choice will tell a lot about the popularity of the eSports. Whichever of these four regions gets to host the finals can be easily seen as the most successful one - especially in terms of viewership.

Clash Royale

The initial North American teams.

Clash Royale

The initial European teams.

Competition Format

Here is how the Clash Royale League competition looks: two teams of three individual players begin 3-5 sets of games. The first team that reaches three victories is pronounced the winner. In each set, both sides will be allowed to ban a single card from the matches. If the competition reaches set 5 with both sides having two wins, the KOF mode beings. It is a form of King of the Hill gameplay where two players begin and the winner stays in the match. The losing team is then the one that has run out of its players.

Clearly, Supercell is hoping that most matches will end with KOF mode, which is clearly very exciting. Also, the experts are certain that the current format will be adapted after the first season finishes, or even sooner. Here, Supercell can use the hard data gathered from their viewers and figure out what can be improved and what works best.


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A Winning Concept

Most industry experts agree that the Clash Royale League will quickly become an eSports heavyweight, up there with MOBA and FPS gaming genres. Supercell is investing huge amounts of money and resources into the project, so it can be safely said that the rising popularity of this eSports competition is only beginning. Lastly, don’t forget to share this article with your fellow gamers and friends, because U4Gold is here to help you save. We’re gamers helping gamers!

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