Black Friday Special Offer


Black Friday Special Offer

U4Gold Nov 23, 2018
On Nov 23, 2018 (UTC), all registered customers will automatically receive a 5% off voucher,which can be used on Maplestory 2 order. In addition to that, extra benefits will be provided to any customers whose purchase meets these following standards.

150≤$<200: Will be gifted with $10 worth of mesos.
200≤$<470: Will be gifted with $25 worth of mesos.
$≥470: Will be gifted with $50 worth of mesos.

Maplestory 2

MS2 Mesos at

These offers can be enjoyed along with the 5% off vouchers!
And the specific amount of mesos will be determined by the current price listed on the website and the difference of servers, after rounding up.
Extra mesos are available during 0:00 UTC to 24:00 UTC, Fri, Nov 23, 2018.
For more details, please contact Live Chat agents. Thanks!
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