5 Amazing Speedruns SGDQ 2018


5 Amazing Speedruns SGDQ 2018

Matthew Owen Jul 15, 2018

Early July gamers from around the world gathered together to participate in a seven-day long speedrunning marathon. The best speedrunners blasted through their favorite games in record time, all in an effort to raise money for charity. The event raised over $2.1 million for Doctors Without Borders, a charity that provides medical help for those in need. With a week full of great speedruns, it might be hard to figure out what speedrun to watch first. Luckily, I've done most of the work for you. Here are five of the best speedruns from Summer Games Done Quick 2018.

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1. Wave Race: Blue Storm (Gamecube)

This hilarious speedrun is incredibly entertaining to watch, thanks to the runner's fun demeanor and ability to joke around. Wearing life preserving jackets and spouting off ironic corporate sponsors, speedrunner “Pearstrike” and his couch of commentators sped through the “normal circuit” category. If you're looking for a brief speedrun that will give you plenty of laughs, check this one out. Pearstrike finished his run in 11 minutes and 21 seconds.

2. Resident Evil HD Remaster (PC)

In a stark contrast to the last game on this list, Resident Evil HD Remaster was a great run due to the laid back attitude and impressive movement. As he made his way through the haunted mansion, speedrunner “Pessimisim” shared his extensive knowledge of the game's mechanics while simultaneously beating it in style. While some might consider Resident Evil to be one of the scariest games of all time, it's not all that spooky when Pessimism is destroying it at every turn. This relaxed run was full of great commentary, and I was stunned when Pessimism finished the game in 1 hour and 31 minutes.

3. Super Mario Maker 3v3 Blind Race (Wii U)

There are so many amazing Super Mario speedrunners, and Super Mario Maker showcases off their extreme skill better than any other game. This speedrun was actually a race between two teams of runners, each team comprised of three people. Both teams worked through nine incredibly tough community-created levels. Their expert control and insane speed was made that much more impressive when you realize that this is a blind race. Meaning that, prior to starting the level, the runners had never seen or played them. The race was incredibly hyped up and exciting, and there were plenty of clutch wins. If you're looking for some awesome Mario skill, look no further than this race.

4. Cuphead (PC)

Cuphead took the gaming world by storm when it released, mostly due to its incredible art style and high difficult level. Expert gamer “The Mexican Runner” tried his hand at the game, and absolutely destroyed it. Not only did he beat the game in just over 50 minutes, but he did so while providing entertaining commentary. In many ways, this speedrun is more like a “let's play”, but with tons of unbelievable skill. In many ways, this speedrun solidifies The Mexican Runner's dominance as a variety gamer.

5. Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

Speedrunner “NicroVeda” took me by surprise when he got on stage for the Super Mario Odyssey speedrun. Within minutes, the speedrunner was executing long strings of jumps and hat bounces that I could've only dreamed of. Like most 3D Mario games, Super Mario Odyssey is home to plenty of amazing tricks, difficult movement mechanics, and expert timing. Considering that the game has been out for less than a year, the final completion time of 1 hour and 3 minutes is purely astounding. If you want to see some absolutely unbelievable speedrunning skill, look no further than the Super Mario Oddyssey speedrun.

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