2nd U4Gold Fortnite Tournament


2nd U4Gold Fortnite Tournament

U4Gold Feb 15, 2019

Welcome back friends! It’s being a while since we last held a tournament. Hope this article finds you all well!

On Feb. 18, 2019, we will hold another Fortnite Tournament. The event will last ten days. Winners each get a $50 gift card applicable only on Fortnite!

Here are the Tournament details:

Prize Structure:

1. First winner will be the player with the most kills plus assists. In case of tie, most headshots wins. If by any chance the tie still happens, hits will decide the victor!

Here’s a template post from our last tournament.

2. The second winner will be the participant with the most likes on their video before March 1 (UTC). Winner will receive a $50 gift card applicable only on Fortnite, so tag all your friends to let them know!

Can you beat these Like numbers?

3. Every participant will receive a 10% voucher good for fortnite v-bucks and items available at U4Gold.com.


1. Like U4Gold FB Page.

2. Submit your gameplay video on our FB Fortnite Group (it can be uploaded via FB or YouTube).

3. Under the FB post, provide a screenshot of your lobby after login so we can confirm the account is yours.

4. Your Fortnite account has to have reached at least level 20 to participate.

5. Any mode expect playground and creative mode

6. The Gameplay has to show the whole game, including the final stats!

7. Videos can be submitted from Feb. 18, 2019 until Feb. 28, 2019 UTC 11:59 PM.

8. By submitting your gameplay you agree to allow U4Gold to free use. 

Have fun!

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