Xbox Games with Gold July 2018


Xbox Games with Gold July 2018

Matthew Owen Jul 09, 2018

With the summer heat beating down on us, it's easy to want to stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning. Luckily, Xbox Live is delivering some quality titles free of charge (with a subscription to Xbox Live Gold) this July. By utilizing the Games with Gold program, you can download four different fun and exciting games during the month of July. If you're out of Xbox Live Gold time, remember that we sell subscriptions to the service at a discounted rate. Be sure to use the U4Gold store if you're renewing your subscription this month! Here's all the great titles you can download in July!

Discounted Xbox Live Gold gift cards

Discounted Xbox Live Gold gift cards at U4Gold.

1. Android Assault Cactus (July 1st - 31st)

Take on huge hordes of enemies in this colorful and intense twin stick shooter. Android Assault Cactus features a deep campaign experience that takes you through numerous levels of baddies, and your objective always remains the same; fight to the core. With a group of friends or playing solo, fight through armies of robot enemies using a variety of fun weapons. If you're a fan of cooperative games, twin stick shooters, or “bullet hell” games, then this is perfect for you.

Test your brain power with Death Squared

Test your brain power with Death Squared.

2. Death Squared (July 16th – August 15th)

In this fun little puzzle game, you control different colored AI robots. The objective of each puzzle is the same, but the way you achieve it is vastly different. Each puzzle requires you to navigate the colored robots onto their corresponding colored squares. You accomplish this by cleverly navigating the maze-like levels, building bridges, activating elevators, and more. Although the game can be played solo, Death Squared is definitely meant to be played with friends. The game supports up to four players at once, so grab a group of buddies and test your brain power!

Get your 3D fighter on

Get your 3D fighter on.

3. Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown (July 1st – July 15th)

Punch, kick, and hip toss your way to the top in this fantastic 3D fighter. The long running series jumps from the arcade to consoles, and Viruta Fighter 5 is a perfect entry for newcomers. The exceptionally large roster contains numerous fan favorite characters, as well as some new faces too. You'll partake in online battles, standard arcade ladder matches, and more. If you've yet to play this storied and popular fighting game franchise, there's no better time than now.

A definite play this month

A definite play this month.

4. Splinter Cell Conviction (July 16th - 31st)

The final game appearing in July is Splinter Cell Conviction, a stealth/action game with some quality cooperative content. Not only is this entry in the Splinter Cell series one of the best for newcomers, but it's also a standout in the realm of cooperative campaigns. Playing solo, you embark on a dangerous political mission, stealthily taking out other spies and agents. Cooperatively, you and your friend work through a brand new campaign crafted specifically for two players. Whether you're a fan of stealth games or not, Splinter Cell Conviction is an entertaining action title that you should definitely play this month.

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