Trials Rising - Will it Rise to the Challenge?


Trials Rising - Will it Rise to the Challenge?

Suhail Jul 14, 2018

If you were around in the year 2000 and old enough to be allowed on the internet, you must be familiar with the first ‘Trials’ which was released as a “browser game”. It was based on the live action sport known as “Motorcycle Trials” with a twist of physics. Made and rendered in 2.5D graphics, this graphic base was a big deal back then because it looked really good and gave the gaming world a seemingly realistic edge. In 2007, it was followed by “Trials 2” and “Trials 2: Second Edition” in 2008. 2009 brought along “Trials HD” which was exclusive for the Xbox Live Arcade platform with “Trials Evolution” released in 2012. RedLynx made a comeback with “Trials Frontier” for smartphones and tablets in 2014 and later, “Trials Fusion” was released for Xbox, PS4 and Xbox One in 2016 with a delayed release for the PC world. Since it started out in 2000, gamers have been loyal and very fond of the “Trials” games franchise. Players didn’t expect to see another game from the franchise so they were pleasantly surprised at this year’s E3 conference with the newest title, “Trials Rising”.

The launch was a success and received a good deal of applause and appreciation from the audience. No matter how you see it, there is just something about crashing your bike and getting flung through the air like a ragdoll. That is very amusing!

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The newest installment features maps from all across the world! Imagine flying over the Eiffel Tower in Paris like a sack of flesh with no control over which direction your limbs or your entire body goes. The game is expected to be released in February 2019 but in an early beta access for eager players who cannot wait to get their hands on it. Now, since this franchise doesn’t have a proper storyline, all the focus is on the gameplay, which doesn’t disappoint. However, with Ubisoft Kiev and RedLynx sticking to the iconic 2.5D style graphics, this game has a lot of weight on its shoulders. Sure, games like “Minecraft” have been super successful with their graphics, that doesn’t mean this one would be exemplary too.

Play solo or go for the online multiplayer option.


What makes the “Trials” franchise so fun to play, is the physics-based techniques which are used to control the game characters. Tilting too far will make the rider fall off their bike and die a gruesome yet hilarious death. The ragdoll effects make it even funnier to watch as your rider flies across the screen, flailing their arms and legs around. Even getting squished under a huge boulder looks, sounds and feels like fun. For the first time in a “Trials” game, players will be able to play solo or go for the online multiplayer option. This is definitely a first for the franchise as developers never offered multiplayer game mode before. In the co-op mode, players will be able to compete against each other and view their respective scores. They will even get notified if and when someone from their friend’s list breaks their high score record from the leaderboards. Did we mention the “Tandem” multiplayer option? Well, this new twist on multiplayer game mode enables 2 players to ride the same bike each controlling different functions of the bike to avoid crashing.

Talking about multiplayer options, it makes us reminisce the times when 4 players shared a single keyboard. RedLynx really got into the designing aspects of this game; they reached out to loyal players to help design the tracks, maps and other details in the game. With different levels of difficulty to choose from, players will also be able to choose different tracks from around the world. From Paris, France to Mount Everest, the developers didn’t seem to leave a location untouched.

With the game expected to release for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and surprisingly, even for the Nintendo Switch, we expect the developers will refine and tailor graphics to look as good as any other game today. Following and staying in touch with today’s trends, players will be able to choose how they dress their characters from a wide variety of “gnarly” outfits and even support custom poses such as the ”DAB”, “mooning”, a “blow out” among many others. Players will also be able to unlock more abilities, clothes, accessories, and poses as they progress in the game. From bikes, clothes, appearance, and style, almost everything is customizable.

Early Beta Access

While developers did not tell how exactly the beta access system will work and who will be able to get it, we can make assumptions as per our experience with Early Access of “Trials Fusion”. A couple of tracks from the game will be available in the beta access. Ubisoft and RedLynx are asking players to register at Ubisoft but again, signing up is not a confirmation that you will get beta access. You will, however, be the first to get any updates and news about the game. From there, click on the “register for beta access” button which will lead you to a screen to choose your preferred gaming platform. Register by signing in from your “Uplay” account, which will confirm your registration, and then sit back and wait.

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Why You Should Get Excited

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played any of the previous “Trials” games. Since there is no storyline to this franchise, you don’t need to catch up on anything missed. This is a game made for you and your friends to sit back, relax and be able to play. There are competitive modes for when you want to put up a fight but overall this is the ultimate party game without any serious gameplay to follow or keep up with. The hilarity that ensues is perfect for a small gathering, even if it’s just family. It will be a satisfying yet challenging game to play.

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