The Last Samurai


The Last Samurai

U4Gold Jun 17, 2018

When a video game is based on real – life events, its developers will aim to immerse the player in a replica of the cultural, societal and socio – political norms of the era in which those events unfolded. (A classic example of this is the Wolfenstein series and its unique interpretations of the crimes against humanity committed in the name of the Nazi regime). The games which address historically significant developments of the Asian continent are, even today, few and far between. Sucker Punch Productions, the video game developers best known for the inFamous series, is doing its part to resolve this shortage with its PlayStation 4 – exclusive intellectual property: The Ghost of Tsushima.

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Ghost of Tsushima was revealed at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Paris Games Week of 2017. It’s an action/adventure game which sets the scene of the first Mongol invasion of Japan, as experienced by the last samurai of the Tsushima island. The first and second Mongol invasions involved the fifth Khagan of the Mongol Empire, Kublai Khan, attempting to lay siege to the Japanese archipelago after Korea (or Goryeo, as it was then known) submitted to the Mongols by becoming a vassal state. Ghost of Tsushima will feature a third – person perspective for Jin (the protagonist) and an open world with no waypoints, thereby giving players a true sense of freedom.

The Last Samurai

The protagonist, facing off against three Mongols.

While the player is free to roam the island of Tsushima in any manner that she/he desires, the game’s objective remains the same: to “wage an unconventional war for the freedom of Japan.” Samurai warriors, as the protectors of Japan in ancient times, were unable to resist the Mongol Empire’s onslaught as they invaded Tsushima; they caused indiscriminate destruction and decimated the island’s populace. As one of the few samurais to survive that onslaught, Jin is tasked with resisting and overthrowing the Mongols once and for all, by making proper use of stealth and the element of surprise to confound and conquer an ensemble of enemies which outnumber him considerably.

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Samurais were and still are known for their discipline and honor. The Mongols lacked both; they were chaotic and uncouth. Faced with a “when in Rome” – type predicament, Jin must abandon the righteous principles instilled within him as a samurai and create a new style of fighting named “the Way of the Ghost.” While the gameplay trailer which debuted at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 did not show much in the way of combat, or of this “Way of the Ghost,” it promises to combine action with stealth and place emphasis on mud, blood and steel; these ostensibly are the three overarching themes of Ghost of Tsushima, according to Sucker Punch Production’s co – founder.Ghost of Tsushima’s release date is still subject to speculation; as of writing, the most anyone knows about it is that it will be released sometime this year. One thing that you need not speculate about, however, is whether saving money is an honorable thing to do. Simply put, it is, and the good folks over at know this better than most. To help you save, they’ve setup a secure platform where anyone can buy Gift Cards for the PlayStation 4, Steam and Xbox One at discounted rates.


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