The Fallout over Fallout


The Fallout over Fallout

jovabrow Jun 25, 2018

Do you know what a nuclear fallout is? If you don't, you couldn't be faulted for your ignorance; you likely have never experienced a nuclear fallout for yourself (I certainly haven’t). The phrase is used to describe radioactive materials (such as radioactive ash and dust) falling out of the atmosphere after being propelled there by the shock wave of a nuclear blast. How is this relevant to the more popular Fallout video game series? They're interconnected because one is based on the other; Fallout is a series of games which takes place in a variety of postapocalyptic settings, set in the 22nd century. The environments across the Fallout games derive inspiration from the U.S. as it existed in the 50’s.

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I think it’s worth explaining what kind of legacy Fallout 76 needs to follow. Fallout 4, the latest ‘main’ Fallout game, presented a vast, open world ruined by nuclear devastation but ripe for exploration and discovery. For this, it received generally positive reviews based on the freedom offered in gameplay, content and the soundtrack. As for whether Fallout 4 was a commercial success, of this there can be no doubt; it earned US$750 million dollars in less than 1 day after it launched, received numerous accolades, awards and award nominations, and is still regularly played to this day despite having been released in 2015 (gamers migrate from AAA title to AAA title rather quickly).

The Fallout over Fallout

This character (the protagonist) is probably contemplating what went wrong. (Source: Geek Tyrant.)

Interestingly, the first bit of news to drop about Fallout 76 impacted the expectations of the Fallout fanbase in a way that's not entirely dissimilar to a nuclear explosion: it’s a multiplayer game. Sure, you can play it on your own, and there indeed will be a storyline to finish and quests to embark on as in the single player – focused games which preceded it, but Fallout 76 is, as confirmed by Bethesda Game Studios, first and foremost a multiplayer game. The gaming community has been anticipating another Fallout entry for quite some time, and when this titbit about the title everyone was waiting for became known, no amount of John Denver could maintain the considerable hype that was lost…

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…but wait! There’s less! Fallout 76 is online only. Yes, I too am wondering what it is about money that Bethesda Game Studios dislikes so intensely. The concept of online – only is, in my humble opinion, a failed experiment; it is an aberration on the visage of gaming as a form of entertainment. Look, I get it; couch co – op/multiplayer is a casualty of modern technology, because the more screens on a single television for each player, the more processing power required to keep the gameplay and graphics on all screens smooth. I think, though, that there’s a difference between that, and saying, “If you’re not online, you can’t play this game, at all.” My issues with online – only are many.

Below is the trailer that generated (and lost) a lot of excitement among Fallout fans. Fallout 76 will be bigger (4x), brighter and less apocalyptic – y than Fallout 4; it’s the first game in the series, chronologically. You can buy this game at a discount by buying discounted Gift Cards for the PlayStation 4, Steam or Xbox One from You can put the savings you’ll accrue from using U4Gold’s secured platform towards the bill for the Internet you must have to play Fallout 76!

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