Neverwinter is Fantastic. You Should Play!


Neverwinter is Fantastic. You Should Play!

Matthew Owen Feb 09, 2019

Neverwinter first released on PC back in 2013, followed by console releases in 2015 (Xbox One) and 2016 (Playstation 4). Since then, the game has gone on to receive several accolades, and has reached a player count upwards of 18 million. The game is a free-to-play MMORPG, based on the lore of Dungeons & Dragons. In the year 2019, there are a number of MMORPGs to try, including Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft. However, few free-to-play games reach the level of quality that Neverwinter does. Whether you're interesting in solo questing, group dungeons, or PvP, Neverwinter has content for you. It's rare that a free-to-play MMORPG turns out this good, and as Neverwinter enters its sixth year running, things aren't slowing down by any means. If you haven't jumped onto the Neverwinter train yet, there's no better time than now! If you need a bit of convincing, we've compiled a list of reasons that you should check it out. If you aren't ready to make the jump yet, here's why you should. Neverwinter is a fantastic game, and you should be playing it.

Neverwinter is Fantastic.

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It's Free, and It's Good

Let's be honest, the current gaming landscape is utterly packed with free-to-play games that are simply not fun. Most of the enjoyable MMOs are locked behind monthly subscriptions or an initial software purchase. The mass majority of free-to-play MMOs are lackluster, and only exist to try and take your money. Fortunately, Neverwinter is both free and incredibly fun to play.

At its core, Neverwinter feels like a fully-realized MMO with tons of quests, classes, and environments. Gameplay feels tight and exciting, and it's tons of fun to level up your character. You are truly getting a full gameplay experience for free. In fact, you'll probably get so enamored with Neverwinter's initial quality, that you'll have no problem spending a few bucks to show your thanks. The game doesn't try to nickle-and-dime you along the way; instead it offers a plethora of excellent free content, and a bevvy of cool items to spend premium currency on. There's hundreds of hours of content, and none of it will cost you a cent.

Neverwinter is Fantastic.

A fully-realized MMO with tons of quests, classes, and environments.

There's a Good Amount of Single and Multiplayer Content

One trend I've noticed with free to play games is the abundance of multiplayer over single player content. Most games like this draw you in with fun solo quests, but quickly devolve into multiplayer arenas. Neverwinter offers the best of both worlds. There is a seemingly endless amount of quests that you can take on by yourself, as well as a slew of dungeons and raids to take on with a group.

Neverwinter provides enough content for both single player and multiplayer groups. If you're the kind of person who just wants to slay monsters and gain experience, there's a huge amount of variety in both enemies and locations. If you prefer taking on multi-man dungeons with a group of friends, there's a collection of deep delves to explore. Overall, Neverwinter provides the kind of content that you want to play, regardless of how you approach an MMORPG. Solo players will find hours upon hours of quest content, while more communal members can bask in the various guilds and multiplayer events.

Neverwinter is Fantastic.

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A lot of MMORPGs can be confusing when you first start out. Each game has its own rules when determining level experience, damage percentages, and so forth. Learning the rules of a new MMORPG can often feel like a full-time job. Luckily, Neverwinter is based on the traditional Dungeons & Dragons rule set. If you played this classic tabletop RPG in any of its variations, Neverwinter will feel incredibly familiar. This makes learning the mechanics of the game far easier for those who have dabbled in D&D before.

If you've never played Dungeons & Dragons, you can rest easy knowing the rule set is easy enough to pick up. Depending on your class, you'll want to upgrade certain skills and abilities. Neverwinter does a good job pointing out these optimizations whenever possible. Although the D&D rule set can be complex at times, Neverwinter has a good set of starting tutorial quests that teach you the ropes.

Neverwinter is Fantastic.

Neverwinter has a good set of starting tutorial quests.

The Game is Constantly Updated

Unlike other MMORPGs, you won't have to wait very long to see new content in Neverwinter. The game is constantly being update, adding in new mounts, quests, and locations. Like other games in the genre, Neverwinter has a slew of expansion packs as well. These free patches introduce new Laura and quests to complete, ensuring that you never run out of fresh content to play.

As icing on top of the cake, most of these expansions in Neverwinter are free. There's a number of items that you'll have to pay real money to acquire, but the mass majority of content is open for all players. This means that new players can spend hundreds of hours in the vanilla version of the game, and still look forward to the various new quests that the expansions have added.

Neverwinter is Fantastic.

New content and items are constantly added.

There's a Robust Community

Since Neverwinter has so many different gameplay styles, it's nice to see the community embracing all of it. Regardless of what you're trying to accomplish, most of Neverwinter's community will gladly help you out. It's not uncommon in MMOs to see a toxic and unwelcoming community. Neverwinter has its fair share of grumps, but the overwhelming majority are nice and inviting.

Finding companions for dungeons and raids is simple, as is applying to enter a guild. If you find yourself struggling on a quest, nearby players will most likely lend a helping hand. Like other MMOs, a good majority of players sell items in the chat box. Your results may vary when attempting to make a deal, but I found that most players are fair and trustworthy.

I admittedly don't have a ton of experience in the Player versus Player department, but even the competitive landscape seems balanced and enjoyable. Generally speaking, Neverwinter rewards you regardless of how you play. There are a variety of challenges tied into competitive combat, and completing them gives you some powerful rewards. There's always a better weapon to chase after or a new skill to unlock, and if you ever have any trouble figuring things out, the community or extensive tutorials should set you straight.

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