Mario Tennis Aces Review


Mario Tennis Aces Review

U4Gold Nov 21, 2018

Rating: 6.5/10

Mario and his friends are back on the tennis court once again, serving up shots in Mario Tennis Aces. While thegameplay is familiar enough for those who have played past Mario Tennis games, some new additions make competitivegameplay feel more like a fighting game than anything else. There's also a brief but entertaining story mode to playthrough solo, as well as a few other local and online modes. Plainly put, Mario Tennis Aces is a ton of fun to play,but the amount of actual content leaves a bit to be desired. At the end of the day, is Mario Tennis Aces worth its$60 price tag?

The story in Mario Tennis Aces is about as complex as any other Mario tale. When Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi obtainan ancient powerful tennis racket named Lucien, they inadvertently unleash a dangerous magical curse. The tennisracket transforms the three characters into chrome mummies, and they set out to collect five ancient treasures knownas power stones. With the safety of the tennis world hanging in the balance, Mario pursues them to collect the powerstones first.

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario is in search of power stones.

While the narrative is a decent enough structure that leads Mario through a variety of fun thematic worlds, theoverall quality of the writing is subpar. Along your journey you'll encounter a pretty decent cast of characters,including fan favorites like Donkey Kong, Koopas, and more. Although the actual dialogue itself is written just fine,the overall plot is pretty forgettable and ineffective. By the time you reach the end of the game's six-hourcampaign, you'll likely feel a bit underwhelmed. Even by Mario standards, the story being told here seems to havelittle purpose beyond providing a backdrop for multiple tennis matches. Most of the adventure mode's levels areeither skill-based minigames, standard matches against progressively more difficult AI, or wildly inventive bossbattles. I really enjoyed the bosses and a specific mini-game that involved aiming at different nets for points, butother than that, things can get a bit repetitive. The gameplay is solid enough to keep the experience fun, but Ioften found myself desiring more wacky and creative stages. If the boss levels are the high bar for quality, the restof the campaign is a bit lackluster by comparison.

Mario Tennis Aces

Boss battles make it interesting.

Besides competitive online multiplayer, the story mode is the main focus of the package. There's still a few extramodes to spruce things up, but don't expect a huge amount of modes. You can partake in three different tournaments:the Mushroom, Flower, and Star cups. These range in difficulty, but can be bested by even a novice player. You cancompete in some local multiplayer as well and tweak a few options, but besides that, there's not much else in termsof variety. Online multiplayer is the same competitive tennis experience, except against real players. Unfortunately,some characters are far more powerful than other characters, which has led to unfairly balanced play online. This,combined with lackluster matchmaking and connection stability, makes the online multiplayer feel less significantthan it should.

Mario Tennis Aces

Partake in three different tournaments.

Altogether, Mario Tennis Aces is an enjoyable but brief experience. The best opportunities for replayability, likethe online and local multiplayer modes, feel underwhelming and get boring quick. You'll definitely enjoy the game ifyou decide to play it, but you might not enjoy it for extended periods of time. This is a Nintendo title that's bestpurchased at a discount or rented. Luckily, you can pick up discounted digital store gift cards on U4Gold's trustedplatform. This way, you can serve up some overhands without emptying your wallet.

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