Gears of War 5 - Shifting Gears


Gears of War 5 - Shifting Gears

U4Gold Jul 12, 2018

Epic Games (yes, that developer) created an absolute monster in the form of Fortnite. It is easily the most popular and most frequently played video game in the world. YouTube gamers love it. Twitch streamers adore it. Its revenue is ridiculous; in fact, it may be more profitable at this time than its competitors, Overwatch and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It may therefore be a little surprising for gamers to discover that Epic Games is also responsible for the Gears of War series, which, of course, is not nearly as well – known. No matter; Gears of War still has a valuable fanbase who enjoys it for what it is… and what it is, is a game which has perfected the formula for cover – based combat.

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Gears of War puts a soldier named Marcus Fenix on the front line as a combatant of the Locust Horde and as the protagonist for the series’ five main instalments. It’s a third – person shooter with that ‘over – the – shoulder’ perspective which I am not entirely fond of, and which has precluded me from playing games like Fortnite and would preclude me from playing Gears 5. I only like third – person perspectives for role – playing games; I prefer the first – person perspective to get the feel of using something which I wouldn’t in real life (i.e. firearms) ... but I digress. As I mentioned, there’s a unique emphasis on cover; aiming and firing from cover, and sliding, vaulting or racing to cover.

The crew

The crew. (Source: Game Rant.)

Gears 5 will have the previously mentioned Kait Diaz acting as the protagonist; she will be the first female protagonist the series has had, which of course is a welcome addition and development nowadays. The tone of Gears 5 is going to be a little different from the instalments which came before it; in this one, there’s going to be quite a bit of drama added to the mix. It also features insubordination, because Kait has disobeyed and broken off from her chain of command to pursue an objective of personal significance; she’s looking for her family and seeking to uncover the origins of the Locusts. The game’s story will of course involve seeing for ourselves how that will pan out.

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Kait Diaz debuted in Gears 4 but was only playable in multiplayer. Other characters which debuted in Gears 4 include J.D. Fenix (Marcus Fenix’s son), who will be tagging along for Kait’s adventure and assisting her when needed. There’s a tendency to erase established aspects of a game for the sake of change, but I’m hoping there isn't an overabundance of drama here; this is, after all, a Gears of War game, so there is an expectation of excessive fire and killing machines. I was quite happy to learn that Gears 5 would support local split screen; this is a feature that most developers don’t even bother with anymore, so seeing how it would look in 2019 is something I’m looking forward to.

Gears 5’s E3 2018’s announcement trailer may be found below. This game will, of course, be an Xbox One exclusive. You can prepare yourself for its release by visiting, where Xbox One Gift Cards are available to buy at discount.

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