Crackdown 3 -- Cracks in Crackdown's Armor


Crackdown 3 -- Cracks in Crackdown's Armor

jovabrow Jun 27, 2018

A video game whose gameplay is linear is essentially providing what I like to call, “obligatory guidance.” All games have a beginning and an end; that much is obvious, but with linear games and their gameplay, you’ll have to complete a set of challenges whose sequences are fixed. No matter how you want to play the game, the developers themselves are guiding and obliging you to playing in the manner of their prescription. What this means is that, with linear games, all players experience the same gameplay in the same order. Games with linear gameplay are slowly being phased out of existence (with variety being the spice of life and all), and they’re being replaced with ‘sandboxes.’

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Have you ever heard or read the phrase, “the keys to the city?” Imagine if a city’s mayor handed you its ‘keys,’ then said to you, “Do whatever you want.” That is the gist of a sandbox video game; they have objectives, but their players are expected and encouraged to approach to approach those objectives in any way they please (if at all). These games don’t have invisible walls which signal to players to not color outside the lines. As such, they promote creativity and, more importantly nowadays, replay – ability. Game publishers Rockstar Games, starting with Grand Theft Auto III, has captured and conquered this market, to the point where other game series are playing ‘catch up.’

Crackdown 3

The protagonist, Commander Jaxon, who is clearly based on real – life actor Terry Crews.

Enter: Crackdown 3. When its E3 2018 gameplay trailer was released, I had to scramble to conduct research on a series whose publishers somehow published two other Crackdown games without my knowledge. Apparently, it features ‘sandbox’ gameplay worthy of a notable amount of critical praise and commercial success. Less praiseworthy are the delays Crackdown 3 has been experiencing in its development; originally set to be released on the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on the 7th November 2017, it's been delayed to a tentative date in February 2019. The delay and other issues have led some to speculate that Crackdown 3’s critical and commercial successes are also tentative.

One of those other issues is that this game seems to lack its own identity. Purportedly, it is intended to be a direct sequel to the original Crackdown (thereby retconning Crackdown 2), but aside from that, I am not sure what Crackdown 3 is intended to be about. Its eventual retconning aside, Crackdown 2 was released in 2010; sandbox games have progressed considerably since then. The best examples of this progression may be found in Grand Theft Auto V (released in 2013 and the undisputed king of sandbox games) and Just Cause 4 (which, based on its E3 2018 trailer, will be a fierce competitor). Crackdown 3 can’t be struggling to establish its identity in those circumstances.

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