A Glimpse at FIFA 19


A Glimpse at FIFA 19

Ricardo Gandalf Jun 22, 2018

FIFA 19 has finally been revealed. We know its release date, we know it's taken the Champions League license from its rival football game PES, and we also know it will feature the third and final chapter of Alex Hunter's story in The Journey. However, very little has been shared about how the gameplay and the new functions it may come with.

First thing to say is that we are very excited at U4Gold with this latest version of FIFA. As always happens with sports games, not too many changes can be added to new releases since the margin time to develop them is quite small.

Still, this time feels our friends at EA sports have made an extra effort to bring us what could be one of the greatest and most complete sports games in a very long time. We will take a deeper look at what is new in FIFA 19, and also how the old game modes feel as well (Ultimate Team, Career mode and The Journey, all of them key factors on why we love FIFA games so much).

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What’s Really New in EA sports FIFA 19

The main feature EA pulled this year in FIFA 19 is, without a doubt, acquiring the rights to finally playing UEFA Champions League for the first time in franchise history. This is a huge step up because now they have all the football rights that we can think of. I personally can’t wait to lift that cup up with my favorite team, and I assume that is exciting for all of us who’ve been playing this game for years.

As for the gameplay per se, we only got a glimpse from the EA Sports E3 presentation, but it seems we should expect way more realistic movements and controls so we can enjoy playing football like a real pro. We will have to wait a bit longer until we have our FIFA 19 in our hands, but it definitely looks very promising.

FIFA Mobile will for sure have a new version that most likely will be released in the same period of time as FIFA 19 for the major platforms, and I’m sure there will be plenty of surprises there as well.


A big bunch of new features related to the gameplay have been announced.

What Else is There For Us in FIFA 19

The classic features will still be there, and as always the Ultimate Team and The Journey are the more interesting ones. As for TOTW (team of the week), we should see amazing combinations in the next year! It’s also been confirmed that in FIFA 18 a free feature has been implemented: The World Cup! Like what happened four years ago with FIFA 14, our friends at EA sports have not forgotten the biggest championship football can provide,, and you’ll be able to play it in the Ultimate Team or as a cup itself. Don’t forget to give it a shot and try to win the World Cup with your favorite team in FIFA 18!

We will soon have another article digging a bit deeper in to the amazing features and changes FIFA 19 have ready for us. Stay tuned!

We would like to hear your thoughts about FIFA 19, so give us your review in the comments section!


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