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Member Benefits

Experience System

Each time a purchase is successfully made and cleared, you will receive certain experience which is based on product itself. For each product we reward with different experience, please refer to the order details. More experience you get, based on the following rules, your VIP level will be higher once reaching the specific point, and you will get more discount. 

Point System

Points (not to be confused with Experience Value) will be tallied in relation to the dollar amount spent on purchases. Every USD spent on our products will increase your points accordingly. If you are using currency other then USD, our system will calculate the purchase amount in USD using the exchange rate programmed on our site.

You can use your points to exchange for voucher codes in the Member Shop section under the Member Benefits tab!

VIP Level Experience ICON Rank Membership Discount
VIP Level ICON Experience Membership Discount
VIP0 VIP0 Present Experience < 1 0%
VIP1 VIP1 1 ≤ Present Experience < 10 1%
VIP2 VIP2 10 ≤ Present Experience < 100 2%
VIP3 VIP3 100 ≤ Present Experience < 1000 3%
VIP4 VIP4 1000 ≤ Present Experience < 5000 4%
VIP5 VIP5 5000 ≤ Present Experience 5%

You can access and view your Present Experience and VIP level by clicking on "User Center."

Why Choose Us

100% Safety Guarantee
With plenty of suppliers all over the world, we guarantee our customers with a swift and safe delivery. With more than 10 years of experience in providing game and related services, our team is capable of dealing with all kinds of issues with efficiency and confidence.

24/7 Support
You can contact us at any time to check the progress of your transaction(s) and our dedicated staff will do everything possible to get your order in as soon as possible.

100% Refund Policy
If you're not satisfied for any reason, our 100% Money-Back Refunds are available if your order is canceled before the status is marked Order Complete in the My Orders section of your account. Most reimbursements will take 24-48 hours to be processed.

Best Prices Anywhere
Our huge stock of virtual products gives us confidence to provide our customers with the lowest prices on top of membership discounts. Come see for yourself! We’re confident you’ll be satisfied.