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MapleStory 2 Mesos Trading Method:
    Maplestory 2 Auction House (Trade Fee Not Covered.)

    List your item in the Black Market, then fill out all information of the listing item we request. We will find your listed item and trade it for the Mesos you purchased from U4Gold.

    • Item Name
    • Item Level
    • Registered Price
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      You can use or to upload your listed items image.


When listing your items on the Black Market, please list each item at a 1 M price. Example: If you want to purchase 100 M Mesos, list 100 Red Herbs at a price of 1,000,123 each, or some similar unique price. The total price will automatically calculate itself. List the total price under the Registered Price box. Contact LiveChat Agents for help.

Processsing Time

Most items are delivered anywhere between 15 minutes and a few hours. Please be patient as we process your order. We try our very best to complete orders as quick as possible. Thank you for your understanding!

New to the Black Market?

Our transactions are fast and safe. If you’re in need of Mesos you’re in the right place. We’ll walk you through any questions you have.

After you’ve decided on how many Mesos you want to purchase from U4Gold, go to MapleStory 2’s Black Market. In the Black Market, list an item equal to the price of Mesos you’re purchasing. The last three digits should be unique e.g. 1,000,874. Tell us your item name, level, and total price. Take a screenshot of your listing and upload its link so our suppliers can find it.

Once we receive your payment, we’ll locate your item(s) and trade them for Mesos. You’ll receive an in-game notice once you get your Mesos. We do not cover the 10% trade fee MS2 charges. If you need any help, contact our LiveChat Agents 24/7.

About Maplestory 2

Maplestory 2 is a free-to-play online 3D role-playing game developed by Nexon. It features blocky buildup of environment, cute characters and interesting storyline, enabling the game to gain broad attention around the world.

About Maplestory 2 Mesos

Maplestory 2 Mesos is the most common and basic currency circulate in the market and also widely used in all kinds of in-game trading. Players can earn Mesos through a variety of activities, for instance daily missions, fishing, defeating Dungeon Boss and so on, but the output of these activities may not satisfy your need or not enough to strengthen your character. When you need a large amount of Mesos in order to enhance your character or bring up your gaming experience, U4GOLD is your best choice! We promise you a fast delivery and cheap price! Always full stock on all servers, and 24/7 customer service agents here to help, to make sure you have a very nice shopping experience!

1. I want to buy Mesos. How long will I have to wait?

  • First, timing is based on a number of factors such as the number of orders we have at the moment your order comes in (not before), whether specific suppliers are online, whether your listing format is fit for trading, whether the server you’re using is currently facing shortages, and whether your order is large or small (some suppliers, at times, refuse to take small orders so we have to ask around). We cannot give you the exact time since there are many factors that influence each and every transaction.

  • However, MOST customers have their orders completed within an hour, and very many in under 15 minutes. You won’t have to wait a day or days to get your Mesos, as other websites require. We hear it all the time!

  • At the very most, on rare occasions, you’ll have to wait a few hours. At the fastest, we often complete trades within 15 minutes. We work as fast as we can on each transaction. Please be mindful, as we do our best around the clock.

2. Do you guys have stock on this server?

  • We have stock for every server.

3. Can I get my Mesos right away?

  • The answer is no, depending on how you define “right away.” If you want your Mesos within a minute, it’s not happening. If you want your stock within an hour – likely.

4. Is this a scam?

  • is not a scam website. We have served gamers across many different games from Fortnite to MS2. We do our best to provide quality service and reasonable prices. You can ask around and visit our FaceBook to peek in on our customer rapport.

  • We’re a growing platform with a growing reputation.

5. Will I get banned?

  • No. We trade through the Black Market. The market is there to trade items for Mesos. We have had absolutely zero customers tell us their account has been adversely effected by using our services. There is no risk of getting banned by using U4Gold.

6. I'm looking to sell. Do you guys purchase Mesos?

  • We do purchase Mesos. We have suppliers around the globe. If you’re looking to sell, you’re free to provide us with a proposal. We will take your proposal to management to analyze.

7. How does the transaction take place?

  • You list items on the Black Market. After you make the purchase of Mesos from our site we will have a supplier find your listing and purchase it from you. In return, you will receive the number of Mesos you listed minus the 10% Black Market transaction fee.

8. Do you all have any discounts?

  • The market rates fluctuate all day long. We adjust our prices according to the market movement. We at the moment cannot provide discounts, but you can verify that our rates are where the market is and our service is head and shoulders above.


  • Was expecting someone who doesn't know English well, but your Custom Support (Live Chat Service) and fast responding and clear. Helped out a lot today.


  • Really helpfull and fast support agent


  • thanks for helping me niki


  • This company has the best customer service. My transaction went bad because the supplier sent the money to the wrong person but they resolved the problem and got me everything i paid for. Great company, buy with confidence! thanks again.


  • Nicest people. And you guys are real comparing to other websites with bots. thank you so much.


  • The website had an error and I got a duplicate charge but the service agent was very helpful and I should be receiving my purchase soon. Thank you.