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Cloud Raiders
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About Cloud Raiders

Cloud Raiders is a mobile action strategy game, in which you can fortify your base with thundering cannons, spellbound artifacts and cunning traps, then lead your troops on sorties to fend off intruders and withstand the hordes of sky borne enemies. Use your strategies and powerful defense buildings to defend your base and attack enemies to collect resources.

Diamonds are the premium currency in the game. They may used to upgrade your base, speed up up your building development, train troops, and more. You can acquire Cloud Raiders Diamonds by purchasing at full prices from the official in-app store or at substantially discounted prices from

U4Gold is a professional game station with a variety of discounted virtual goods, including cheap Cloud Raiders Diamonds. At U4Gold, Cloud Raiders customers enjoy Cloud Raiders Diamonds at discounted prices through safe, legal, means with fast delivery and honest customer service.

For Cloud Raiders Updates and game download, check out the Cloud Raiders Official website:

If you need any help, you may either visit our FAQ section, or contact our LiveChat Agents by clicking the right bottom corner profile icon.

1. Self Recharge

(Available only for products on Apple’s iOS)

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  • Go to the App Store to login with the Apple ID and password we send to you.

  • You will find the account already has enough funds to purchase the amount of Diamonds you are looking to buy.

  • You can then go to Cloud Raiders and purchase the products you need using the deposited funds.

  • After your payment is complete, you can switch to your own account and enjoy!

2. Agent Recharge

Please Provide:

  • Account and Password

  • Character Name

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  • Transaction will be conducted using the account and password you provide.

  • Your purchased products will be deposited into your account.

  • After the deposit is complete, your account and password information will be immediately deleted from our records.

Our Advantages

  • Why so cheap?

    We have suppliers around the globe that provide virtual goods at discounted prices in bulk supply. We are able to pass on our discounts to our customers, making this a win-win for all.

  • Will you change my game settings or account?

    Absolutely not. We will deposit purchased virtual goods into your account then delete any provided game account name and passwords after transfer. Your account settings will not be changed in any way beyond having more virtual goods (i.e. gems, gold, tickets, funds, etc.).

  • Will there be any negative effects to my account by using U4Gold’s services?

    Absolutely not. The virtual goods we provide to our customers are provided through legal channels and have no negative effect on the status of any of our customers’ accounts.

1. What payment options do you have? Can I pay with Debit Card or Credit Card?

  • We support Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Bitcoins and Payssion.

2. How fast can I get my order?

  • The delivery process takes up to 2 hours, normally it is faster than that.

  • Your business is important to us, and we make every effort to process your order quickly. We want to provide the best service possible. That is our duty.

3. What should I do if my payment is rejected?

  • On occasion, customers will come across payment issues. More often than not, the issue stems from credit card company. Please contact our LiveChat agents and send them a screenshot of the notice you get when your payment was rejected.


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